When The Doctor Fails….

Josie is a teenager who suffered from OCD and anxiety. The first thing she said to me was,

“My whole life revolves around counting things, it restricts me. Sometimes I can’t even go outside. I have to stand on everything, stones or man hold covers, if there are paving slabs I have to stand on all the lines.”

If Josie didn’t count things she worried that something would happen to someone she loved, especially to her mother. Whenever her mum went out or was doing something away from the family, Josie’s anxieties were worse. She was often bullied at school, and had a lot of time off when her OCD was at its worst. She had many fears, from spiders to Tsunamis, and slept very badly.

Understandably, Josie often felt very low,

“I think, what is the point of living if you’re going to be stuck in a world like this. I cut myself a lot, my arms and legs. When I’ve cut myself a lot it makes me feel brilliant. It’s like an addiction, I’m not satisfied until I’ve done a really good cut. I like feeling the pain, seeing the blood. I feel like I deserve to be punished”.

Josie had tried many types of medication, some caused tics and tremors, another one made her hear voices. The last prescription she had made her feel “like a zombie”. She had nothing good to report about anything she’d tried, so her mum brought her to me.

Josie didn’t like anything about herself – she couldn’t think of one good quality that she had although she could real off many negative qualities. However, as we talked and her mum added bits to the conversation, I saw a kind thoughtful girl beneath all these problems, someone that went out her way to lift others when possible and a great lover of animals.

A month later Josie reported a big improvement in the OCD and a small improvement in the anxiety which was now worsening again. We repeated the dose and on her next visit she said,

“I am a bit more confident, more relaxed not so bothered about what people thought of me. I haven’t cut since before I saw you, I’ve thought of it but stopped myself”.

It’s been many months since then and I’m glad to report that Josie still has never cut herself since that first visit. Her OCD and anxiety are improved but are not completely cured. At her last visit she was really looking forward to getting a puppy which I think will give her a great boost too. I really hope to continue working with Josie to help her even more.

Do you know a teenager with any of these problems? Give me a call on 07725 520476 to find out homeopathy can help.