What My Patients Say About Me

One of the reasons I love what I do is because of the results I get. Can you imagine how rewarding it is to know you’ve helped people like this?  Unfortunately I occasionally get a message saying nothing is happening and I know I haven’t found the right remedy yet, and I’m always more than happy to try again. Sometimes I need more information before things click into place, and sometimes I simply send my second choice of remedy. Below are just a few of the comments I’ve had recently.

Anxiety sufferer – prescribed Silica 1M

“The remedy has been working really well for a long while. It’s been ages since I’ve taken it and just this past week or so I realise I’m starting to doubt myself again and the anxiety is creeping back slightly. I’ve also had far fewer headaches, and when I had them they’ve been milder and lasted less than they used to”.

Infertility, unable to conceive for 4 years – prescribed Sepia 30

“I’m pregnant, it’s amazing.” (after 6 weeks and one consultation – baby girl now born and is beautifully healthy)

Throat problems and grief from over 10 years ago – prescribed Cygnus-cygnus 10M

“It’s helped so much, I feel lighter and better, so much better I can’t describe it.”

Panic attacks and anxiety – prescribed Phosphorous 1M

“It’s only been a week and it’s already made a massive difference, thank you so much.” (left as a phone message)

Fibromyalgia and insomnia – prescribed Calc-carb 1M

“It has definitely helped, I wish I found you 10 years ago”.

Chronic allergies and headaches – prescribed Nat-mur 200

“So, so much better, and I’m sleeping better, I feel years younger – I want all my friends to come to see you!”

Anxiety and panic attacks – prescribed Carcinosic 1M

“I cannot express how much better I am. 100% better”.

Brain tumour – prescribed a mixture of remedies including Calc-phos & Ruta

“I feel I have a life back, my results are improved and the pain is going – there is hope now, thank you so much.”

Thyroid problems, exhaustion, poor immunity – prescribed Calc-carb 1M

“So much better – I’ve actually had the urge to run when I’ve been out with the dog and that hasn’t happened for 20 years! My joints are better too …. and I’m not tired anymore, absolutely fabulous”.

Linked In Review:

I would highly recommend Sue as a homeopath. She is very proficient at her work, very compassionate and trustworthy, easy to talk to, and very committed to giving you the right treatment, and following through. I have consistently had a very high degree of satisfaction in her remedies, as has my young daughter.