What is your digestive system trying to tell you?

From heartburn to IBS and all sorts of things in between our digestive systems can really make us suffer, but there are natural treatments which are really effective in helping with all these problems, and one of those is homeopathy.  So, before you turn to mainstream medicine, consider that any digestive symptom, however minor is actually a warning sign of a bigger problem which may not be obvious yet and so, using drugs to shut down your own body’s alarm system isn’t within your own self interest.  You need to tackle the underlying cause – and I believe that the best way to do that is with homeopathy. Homeopathy does treat the cause and unlike most medications, it doesn’t just plaster over the cracks to relieve the symptoms temporarily.

In homeopathy we need to find a remedy using what we call ‘the totality of symptoms’, meaning we need to match the best remedy to you, which is why, when someone asks me, “can you give me something to treat my constipation?” I then ask them what may seem to be a bunch of totally irrelevant questions because a quick check in my text book reveals 677 remedies for constipation and I need to narrow that down to just one – the one which matches you! 

This is how one lady who is in her 30’s progressed over 3 months of treatment:

First consultation:

“I do feel nauseous most of the time.  If I have one girly night out, I can feel everything that happens in my body.  Sugar and alcohol always make me worse, my body says, ‘I don’t like that, I’m going to make you suffer!’  My body is sensitive to everything, whatever I do….”

After 1 week:

“I’ve noticed my stomach is a bit better, lost some of the water.  Every now and then I sense I’m a bit unsettled, I feel like the edge has been taken off.  My energy levels are better….”

3 months later: 

“The nausea is much, much better – I just get a hint of it if I get stressed or upset.  My energy is fine now.  I think if I went out for a drink I’d still suffer a bit but it’s not ruling my life anymore.”

For the best results you will need to see a homeopath who is trained to find that one remedy which will help the most and get rid of the underlying cause, but meanwhile, here are a few ideas of the most commonly chosen remedies to help with some digestive problems and may help you in the short (or if you’re lucky the long) term:

Heartburn: Nat-phos 6X taken daily is a common protocol to help with indigestion and heartburn.  The person this will help the most suffers more after eating sugar or fats, and they may be quite refined and sensitive.

Constipation: Lycopodium 200C taken with Plumbum 200C twice daily can help sort this out in the short term.  Bryonia is also an excellent remedy to help particularly if there is great thirst, busyness and pain which is worse if you move.

IBS: Colocynth 200C is an excellent remedy for cutting, griping or intermittent pains with flatulence or diarrhoea followed by no desire for the toilet.  It is particularly suited if you are worse if you get angry.  Nux-vomica 200C is also a great remedy for this.  This remedy matches an ambitious and hard working person who experiences spasms and flatulence and be worse in the morning, after eating and after stimulants. Constipation and irregularity of the bowels with straining would be common.

Food intolerances: If you suffer with a lot of wind and a heavy feeling in your stomach after food one protocol is Lycopodium 200C and Arsencium 3X taken twice daily over many weeks.  Food tolerances generally are helped by Bovista 200C taken daily for a period of time.

Food poisoning: A few doses of Arsenicum 30C about half an hour apart is a wonderful remedy for this.  Alternatively Pulsatilla 200 is good, especially if it has been caused by pork, shell fish or fatty food and you feel rather tearful.

For any of the above problems which have come on after grief consider a single dose of Natrum-mur 200C or Ignatia 200C and for any which have come on after anger consider Nux-vomica 200C or Colocyth 200C.

If you would like some advice about your health and how homeopathy can help you give me a call on 07725 520476.