“Sue has been great!  She tries to help empower you and I feel she really does care about her clients, of all ages.  She really tries to get in and figure out your case and if it’s not working to switch it up.  She is available for questions and is always willing to help.  It’s been great with scheduling and also with prices.  It isn’t all about the money with her! She has figured things out for us when past homeopaths couldn’t get it right. Don’t hesitate to contact her!” (S. Johns – Utah, USA)

“I should like to thank you so much for the help you have given me. After years of taking diuretics, but still suffering from a lot of fluid retention, I am now so much better, and it is such a relief not to have such swollen ankles. Apart from that I now feel so much better in myself, and also appreciate the kind way in which you treated me.” (A.B.)

“I had no idea homeopathy had such fantastic healing power! My daughter has gone from a grumpy insular child who refused to eat to a happy sociable child who will now try a variety of foods — and this is on top of what I came to you for! (S.M.) ”

“We have been using Sue’s skills as a homeopath for several years. She has successfully treated all of the family at one time or another with a huge variety of issues, ranging from warts on a 3 year olds eye lid to anxiety problems in an older child. here is just one of the examples…… in my 3rd pregnancy I developed a unusual blood abnormality which resulted in my platelets dropping to a level that wasn’t safe for me to have a spinal during the planned c section. I had a general anaesthetic and I was very upset to have missed the birth of my son. A few years later the same thing started to develop at the end of my next pregnancy, I was very anxious not to have the same thing happen. This was one of the times that the homeopathic treatment that Sue gave worked like a magic potion and reversed the platelet count to a point that I was able to have a spinal during the section. I was thrilled! My youngest child is severely autistic and his needs are many, Sue is currently giving him a long term course of treatment aimed at unraveling and detoxing from the many factors that have probably had a part to play in his difficulties. This is a longer term project but because of Sue’s commitment and what I feel is her instinctive approach I look forward to him achieving his own potential with her help and guidance. Homeopathy seems to me to be a genuinely holistic way of looking at a person and their presenting issues. I believe it works, sometimes like magic and at other times a little patience is needed.” (M.K)

“I have been receiving homeopathic treatment from Sue Price for several months now, and can say with some conviction that it is the best thing I have ever done for my health and well being, mentally, physically and emotionally. I was in a fairly ‘disjointed’ state when I first approached Sue, and asked for her advice. I found her to be easy to talk to and very professional, also very diligent in her assessment of my needs medication wise. Her treatments were spot on, and have truly made a huge difference. I feel far more centred and in tune with myself now than I have previously. I would highly recommend Sue Price as a homeopathic practitioner.” (C.B.)

“Sue is a superb, caring, highly knowledgeable and competent practitioner. She has treated my son and I on several occasions with great success. I can, hand on heart, highly recommend Sue. If I cannot see Sue in person, then Skype or phone is how I would proceed, but I would not let distance stop me from having Sue’s professional expertise in helping me with a condition. She continues to keep up with all the latest training and is a marvelous Homeopath in my opinion.” (DM)

“I would highly recommend Sue as a homeopath. She is very proficient at her work, very compassionate and trustworthy, easy to talk to, and very committed to giving you the right treatment, and following through. I have consistently had a very high degree of satisfaction in her remedies, as has my young daughter.” (CW)