Staying Happy During Lockdown!

It’s been a strange few weeks.  We’re all stuck inside – or breaking rules and sneaking out for non-essentials, but however we’re coping with this lock down it really is different to life as we have known it so far.

I’m lucky, inasmuch as I can still do my work; and seeing people, albeit remotely is keeping me sane and busy as I work out how to help them.  As well as being able to talk to patients remotely I’ve been able to chat to friends and family and it really does give you a lift.

The initial panic over the virus seems to have died down with most people I talk to, and we seem to be resigned to sitting it out and waiting for things to get back to normal, albeit a little impatiently.  For some of us though, life will never be the same again, a few I know have lost loved ones, and my heart goes out to them.  I can’t imagine the heartache of losing someone so prematurely to this, it all seems so unnecessary and yet when it touches your life it’s so shocking.  I’ve been able to help a few people with symptoms and they’ve responded well to homeopathy.  The secret seems to be to never let it get so bad you need to consider hospital.  I’ve done previous posts about that, so look at those and make sure you stay as well as possible.

However, for those of us lucky enough to stay healthy, how can we stay emotionally healthy and happy during this time?  Well, I’ve always been good at amusing myself.  I love reading, art, various crafts, doing family history, gardening – and the list goes on. 

I would recommend that if you life alone you try and connect with someone daily, preferably face to face using Facetime, Skype, Zoom or similar, or even a phone call.  We are advised to exercise each day (not something I’m good at, and most of my exercise is got through gardening or going to the post box).  Over the last week or so I’ve found shopping a little more enjoyable but until very recently nobody would meet my eyes or smile, and shopping in a supermarket has felt a little like a pac-man game with people turning around to avoid you in an aisle.  It’s not as though I usually go round hugging everyone, in fact, I’ve always considered myself quite a reserved person but a little friendliness is always welcome and I’m glad it’s starting to return.

Here are some suggestions of things I’ve enjoyed which you may get a lot of enjoyment from too if you have too much time on your hands right now:

1. Family History

I now have over 11,000 family members on my family tree – and no, this hasn’t all been done during the lockdown, I started this many years ago!  If you ever need to exercise your brain this is great for that, it’s real detective work working out who belongs to who and (or .com) gives you free membership and helps you on your way once you’ve put in a few details of immediate family.  I warn you it’s very time consuming and addictive though!

2.  Art

I took up art a few months ago, and I’ve found that a really peaceful pastime over these last weeks.  I’ve put a few of my attempts below, but remember I’ve not picked up a pencil since I was at school except to amuse my children with stick men pictures, and some of them very quickly got much better than me.  But, although I’m a complete amateur I’m starting to be pleased with my results.  Painting isn’t as easy – I’m still working on that and I won’t subject you to those efforts!  Drawing is especially enjoyable for me because I can listen to audio books while I draw, that’s two hobbies in one!   I’ve found a few fabulous on-line artists giving free lessons.  My favourite one is – he’s amazing and although I haven’t enrolled on his paid lessons, just done a few free ones, if I ever do, he’s the one I’ll choose.

3. Crafts

I’ve always enjoyed all sorts of crafts.  My daughter started a daily craft challenge on facebook a couple of weeks ago, giving a different theme each day and inviting all her friends and their children to join in.  It’s been fun to not only create something for that day’s theme but also to see other people’s ideas for the same theme.  You could start something like this, it’s not only creative, but helps others and is great for connecting with people, and even includes the children.

4.  Gardening

Gardening is great, although I am getting a little frustrated at a) my lack of fitness (I must do something about that) and b) the fact I want to go and buy plants to plant!  However, the sunshine has tempted me out and my garden is looking better than it ever has since we moved here.  On an aside, sometimes I go and hand deliver remedies if people live nearby and I have seen more gardens than ever that look IMMACULATE!  Clearly more people are gardening!

5. Exercise

Well, I know I’m a dreadful advocate of this, but I do 100% know that all exercise is great for our health as well as our emotional health and we’re so lucky that there are lots of dance or exercise programmes available for us to join in with on the internet.  Instead, I’ve probably eaten my body weight in chocolate since this all began but my oldest son daily puts on facebook about his 25 mile runs and zillion push ups etc.  and so I look at him and think about doing it something every day, and maybe one day I actually will do it.  We took him swimming in the sea on Christmas day and actually just thinking about that still makes me shiver!

6. Work

I love my work, and I’m so glad it’s something I’ve been able to continue.  Don’t forget to contact me if your health could do with improving or if you’d like any information about how I can help you.  Stay well and stay happy!