Say No to Cold Sores Forever

Cold sores, caused by the herpes simplex one virus (HSV1), are unsightly and often painful; so we not only want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, but also stop getting them at all. That’s where homeopathy comes in and although there are many natural ways to treat them, I believe only homeopathy can stop us getting them completely!

First – a few topical helps to lessen the life and discomfort of your cold sore:

  • Lemon balm essential oil kills the herpes virus. As soon as you feel that tingle put a couple of drops onto the area then hold an ice cube over it for about ten minutes. Repeat a few times a day if possible.
  • Liquorice contains anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and studies have shown that it stops the cold sore virus cells from spreading as well as easing symptoms. Liquorice powder mixed into a paste and applied to the cold sore for several hours or overnight works best.
  • Aloe vera. Swab the cold sore with pure aloe vera gel a few times a day until it goes away. It will be soothing and help protect it from bacteria.

Something to note is that if you follow any of those ideas – do them at a different time from taking your homeopathic remedy, leave half an hour between using one of the above ideas and taking a remedy.

Homoeopathically there are just a few remedies to consider here which will help almost everyone suffering from cold sores:

One favoured protocol is to take Anitmonium-crud 6X every three hours for two to three days. You might think your cold sore will be practically gone by that time anyway but the beauty of working homoeopathically is that each time you treat a cold sore the remedy works on a deeper level – and the time between cold sores grows each time, and each flare up lasts for a shorter time, until eventually you stop getting them completely.

If your cold sores are caused by being out in the sun, then I’d add Natrum-muriaticum 30C daily for 3 days, or if the blisters are around the lips and have a yellow discharge before crusting over then Rhus-tox 30C would be a better choice, especially if they itch.