Before Ryan was two he was diagnosed with one sided cerebral palsy and we were told he would never walk without intervention. Ryan is my grandson and is one of a twin. On the day we were told the news,
doctors talked of Botox in his treatment plan and an operation to lengthen the tendon as he got older. He was measured for splints which he would need to wear day and night for a long while.

Ryan’s future sounded bleak and as my daughter and I drove home from hospital after this diagnosis we were stunned. We had previously been told that he just had a tight Achilles tendon which may need snipping, or may loosen itself as Ryan moved around more so this was not what we were expecting, and frankly, it took some time to process.

“You will just have to treat him”, said my daughter eventually as we travelled home, “none of that sounded very positive!”

We reached home and went straight to my consulting room to get to work. I actually didn’t know how much homeopathy could do for him – the facts from the doctor had sounded hopeless to say the least, but I knew homeopathy would help, at least a bit, and wanted to give him every bit of help I could.

Discovering the right remedy was easy. Ryan hated all the attention he got with a passion and loathed it when anyone touched or prodded him to see what was wrong. His twin sister however was very amenable to it all, and we had often shown him how simple it all was by using Emily as a guinea pig first and then telling him it was his turn to be stretched and pulled about a bit. He didn’t like being around people he didn’t know, and he was impressively stubborn and really hated being told off.

Another feature of the remedy I chose is an immaturity on at least one level. Ryan of course displayed this with his inability to walk, and so I decided on Baryta-carb and we gave him the remedy immediately. I was very happy with my remedy choice – but didn’t know what to expect. I hoped it would help him deal with things better, improve his confidence, help with his stubborn streak and temper tantrums, but my head was full of “he will never walk without intervention of some sort – operations, botox, physical therapy….” I knew we were expecting a lot if we didn’t want to go down that route, it sounded so gloomy – and so definite!

Ryan and Emily went home and were put to bed for their daytime nap. A couple of hours later I got a phone call from my daughter who was off the scale excited, “Ryan has just walked across the room – look at facebook, I’ve posted a video.” Here is her facebook entry made that day: Facebook post

Ryan’s limp was pronounced (Emily is copying him because of all the praise he’s getting – she can of course walk perfectly!) I thought at the time that the remedy had given him the confidence to actually get up and give it a go. I wondered – was that even possible in just a couple of hours?!! This was brilliant, and better than the doctor’s had told us could ever happen but I still was a bit doubtful – could it be a total coincidence? Within a week though, his rough skin became smooth, his tempers and frustrations became a lot less frequent and he was a lot less clingy and shy, all good signs that his remedy was working and it was not just a coincidence. His very colourful splints soon arrived but he refused to wear them and we didn’t push it because we weren’t sure he even needed them now. Ryan just got stronger and stronger and his limp slowly disappeared completely. The splints were eventually offered back to the hospital unworn.

Ryan is now 6 years old. We have repeated that same remedy many times for various reasons but never because of any indications of cerebral palsy. Nobody could ever guess he was once diagnosed with that. He runs around like any other boy of his age. He reads fluently, is a top achiever at school, and just enjoys life.

We all went to the beach last summer and as I sat and watched Ryan having fun with his brothers and sisters, he ran down towards the sea to fill up his bucket and staggered back with it full as 5 year old boys do. He had a triumphant grin on his face as he poured his offering into the sandcastle moat even though he’d spilt half of it before he arrived. A wave of sadness washed over me to think of all the other little boys and girls who won’t have such a full life as he’s able to have just because homeopathy isn’t available to them.

(Notice in this beach picture how Ryan’s feet are both solidly on the ground).



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