Resist every virus – Improve your health – start today!

There are so many ways we could improve our health – giving up or cutting down on sugar (ouch!), drinking more water, doing more exercise (also ouch if you’re a couch potato like me!).  Cutting out processed food and including as much organic food in our diets comes pretty high in my list, as well as really trying to cut out the toxic overload we live with nowadays.

If you take regular medication, you can’t just stop that overnight, but we can consider other ways to cut out toxins, from the things we put on our skin, cleaning products in our home, food we eat etc.  If you’re like me, you can eat any old junk and it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference – but the time will come when it will become obvious that it has gradually eroded your  away at your health and you didn’t even notice.

So, right now, the world is in a flap about the Corona virus, is it too late to strengthen our immune system?  Can homeopathy help at all right now?

It’s not too late.  You can start today to strengthen your immune system.  Remember, despite all the doom and gloom we are fed by the media, the vast majority who have suffered from this nasty flu do recover, just as with any flu viruses.  It’s nasty though and if you are weakened because of any other health problem (especially weakened lungs) then you may be in more danger.  I would suggest my above recommendations, as well as taking extra Vitamin C and D, and cutting out any unnecessary stress in your life.  Anger, stress and all of those negative feelings do impact our immune system and lessen our quality of sleep, which is another great immune strengthener. 

There are also essential oils which kill germs around you.  I love Doterra’s On Guard which is proven to kill bugs when diffused in an operating theatre, assisting in less infection afterward.  I think I’d splash it like perfume on if I had to go on an aeroplane or other enclosed space with a lot of people right now.

As for whether homeopathy can help you – then yes, a good constitutional remedy will, not only heal any chronic problems you might suffer with, enabling you to feel much better, but it will enable you to withdraw gradually from any medication you use (always with advice from your doctor about how you do that), but it will also improve your sleep, your immune system and increase your energy.  If you already have experienced homeopathy, then you know the its power and right now with this scare you will realise that there are remedies which will help you resist and get over this, or any virus you may get. 

Homeopathy helps both chronic illness (such as asthma, anxiety and IBS – to name a few) as well as acute illnesses such as colds, flu, chickenpox etc.

The remedy that is suggested as a preventative, and also at the early stages of being ill with flu like symptoms right now is Gelsemium.  Other remedies to consider are Bryonia and Eupatorium-perforatum in this current virus.  Find out more about flu remedies and how to decide which one is best here.

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