Pregnancy & Childbirth – What Homeopathy Can Do For You

Homeopathy is amazing during pregnancy, childbirth  and breastfeeding and has a special advantage because most mothers want to avoid any toxic medication during that time and remedies are exceptionally safe and effective. A wonderful part of my job is to help bring a lovely healthy baby into the world and as my daughter safely delivered her 10th baby last week (yes – that should be a blog post in itself!) I’m in a good place to know all about some really helpful remedies even though my childbearing days are over.

Some Helpful Remedies During Pregnancy:

Morning Sickness has got to be the most common problem! Modalities are the most important thing to consider here: When do you feel worst? What makes you feel worse? Does anything relieve the symptoms? Do you get any other symptoms along with the nausea and sickness (like a headache for example)? Are you vomiting or not? Are you thirsty or not? Armed with all that information you should be able to choose a remedy which will help. Here are just a few of the most common ones:

Colchicum: has a big food aggravation – worse smelling, cooking or even thinking about food, she may crave something then straight away feel sick from it. Very sensitive to other smells too including perfume and cigarettes. Also much worse from moving around. Very thirsty especially for fizzy drinks, sometimes feels worse in the evening.
Nux-vom: nausea , vomiting and sometimes stomach cramps with violent retching. A sour or bitter taste . Very hungry, stomach can be very sensitive to pressure. Might feel irritable or touchy and may also suffer from heartburn or constipation.
Pulsatilla: feeling sick all of the time but worse in the late afternoon and evening. Thirstless with an aversion to fatty or spicy food – though she may also crave them. Nausea may be worse after eating and she may feel very weepy and concerned about motherhood.


The most common remedy for this during pregnancy is Sepia. Even long after pregnancy if constipation has been a problem ever since pregnancy, then think of this remedy. There is often a heavy bearing down feeling in the rectum and an improvement in symptoms when you are active or exercise. There can be a bloated, full feeling in the stomach and any nausea may be worse in the evening.

Breech Position

Not a problem until right at the end, but even during labour Pulsatilla has turned many babies! If you know the baby is breech give Pulsatilla a couple of days before birth.

Some Helpful Remedies During Labour:

(Use a 30 or 200 potency and repeat every 15-20 minutes or as often as necessary – if there is no improvement change the remedy choice and do not continue with that remedy)

Homeopathy can ease the birth process and often prevent medical intervention. Consider the following:

  • Aconite for shock or fright, or when labour is too fast or starts too intensely.
  • Arnica is good for exhaustion during long, difficult labours.
  • Caulophyllum for an ineffective labour which isn’t progressing and the cervix isn’t dilating. (can be alternated with Cimicifuga)
  • Phosphorous if there is any sign of haemorrhaging
Some Helpful Remedies Straight After the birth:
  • Placenta 40C as a remedy in cases of retained placenta
  • Arnica to assist healing, control bleeding and reduce soreness
  • Phosphorous if bleeding is too heavy
  • Secale is a good choice if you are experiencing bad after pains, you could also consider Caulophylum or Cimicifuga
  • Phytolacca is the no. 1 remedy for mastitis, but also consider Bryonia or Belladonna.

I know this is just a taste of things that may be a problem – and indeed a very small example of remedies available to help, but they are some of the most common problems and remedies. If this is not your first pregnancy you can use your previous pregnancies as a guideline to how pregnancy or childbirth was for you and prepare remedies which you are likely to need.

If you would like to discuss how homeopathy can help you have a healthy pregnancy and birth please call me on 07725 520476.