My Simplest Case And Why I Tried To Make It Harder

Soon after I qualified I saw a little girl, aged about 4 suffering from eczema and asthma. At the time, I found children harder to treat that I should have – I thought I wanted lots of juicy information to get my teeth into, but there are no long histories to pick through with young children, usually there aren’t lots of physical problems, and often there are few dreams or fears.

On the plus side however, children haven’t yet learned to hide or suppress any negative qualities they have so what you see is real and that’s great for us homeopaths. If they are angry or jealous or malicious or gloomy, or if they have any negative quality that we, as adults dislike in ourselves and do our best to get rid of – we can see it, and if we use just what we see, then usually we can find the remedy we need relatively easily.

So, into my consultation room came Freya. To put her at ease I chatted a bit and asked her what she liked.

“I like cats” she told me, “In fact I want to be a cat, no, in fact I am a cat.”

She was enchanting – and I was enchanted.

“What sort of cat are you?”

I asked, joining in her game.
Freya thought, and told me she was a very pretty cat that liked sitting in the sunshine, but that she actually wanted to be a tiger. I thought this was very sweet – and got a niggling little thought about her needing a cat remedy but dismissed it as rather fanciful on my part, after all I hadn’t really started yet.

So, I got to work, asking about the problems Freya had. Freya had a lot of eating problems and was extremely fussy with food, being totally unable to eat foods that didn’t appeal to her. Some foods she loved though, especially pasta, meat, milk, and sweet things. She also had a little bit of eczema and suffered from asthma in the winter which didn’t need medication yet but concerned her parents.

Meanwhile Freya, obviously enjoying being the centre of attention was delightful. She was a really good little girl, always wanting to please her family and she chatted away about being kind and pretty and how important that was. She explained to me the complete yuckiness of some foods and how hard she tried to eat them but just couldn’t.

Then her mum told me her most recent problem. Freya had been toilet trained for years, but had just started urinating around the house rather than in the toilet if she was upset – and ‘upset’, I discovered meant offended or cross.

By now, the glaringly obvious clues were finally getting through to me and I realised that I wasn’t being fanciful at all, Freya needed Lac-Felinum, a remedy made from cat’s milk. I still thought, ‘can it really be that simple?’

But this time at least, it actually was and Freya did brilliantly on the remedy. Her desire to urinate around the house disappeared immediately. She has never needed any medication for eczema or asthma again and has no symptoms at all of either. I’d say she’s still a fussy eater, even 9 years later, but it’s nothing like it was and she is a beautiful and healthy girl. She has since had quite a few other remedies which have helped as well, but her favourite animal has never changed, she still loves cats!

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