“My Angry Teenager Needs Help”

Over 2 years ago a 12 year old young man I’ll call Mark, was brought to see me suffering with anxiety, and anger issues, in fact he’d just dislocated his mother’s finger and kicked her in the stomach which was the trigger for her to bring him.

These are some of his comments on that visit:

“Teachers make me angry – always telling me to work and they tell me off for no reason, I get so angry I want to punch them in their teeth, in their face”.

“I get crazy nightmares, I don’t like them. I get scary pictures in my head, ghosts, they stick in my head. I can’t sleep, frightened of everything at night.”

“It really annoys me when people keep talking on and on, I think, ‘shut up’. It feels normal to be angry, but I don’t like it.”

“I get angry very quickly. I felt like sleeping in the car one night to get away from people annoying me.”

“I’m angry all the time, I don’t feel sad about what I did to mum; I don’t feel anything except anger and depression. If I get what I want for Christmas I might be happier.”

“When I’m angry I’m better if I’m alone. Shouting and getting angry makes me tired”.

“I’m worried about ghosts. It makes me get very hot, sometimes it makes me have a headache or stomach ache.”

“I swear a lot because I’m angry.”

His mum added that he took everything personally, he sometimes smashed things when he was angry and had threatened to harm himself with a knife. I noticed that he stammered a bit too and this all pointed very well to a remedy called Mercury.

I knew the remedy had worked well because his mum knocked on my door a couple of weeks later to get him to ‘thank’ me. He said he felt a lot better and his mouth ulcers had also gone straight away with the remedy.  (They would have been another good pointer to the remedy but I hadn’t known about them!)  He was a bit sheepish but very pleasant and they went away happily.

Anyway, I didn’t think about him again until a couple of days ago when I got a call from his mum asking if I’d see him again, I booked him in and checking, saw that it had actually been 25 months since his last visit – and what a change had taken place!

He told me that a few weeks ago there had been a bit of a bullying incident at school through social media and it had worried him. It didn’t seem serious, but his health had gone downhill since then and it had caused him some anxiety. He felt everyone was talking about him and now he wasn’t sleeping so well and was anxious about going to school.

I followed up on things he had talked about on his last visit. Sleep had been no problem until about 3 weeks ago. He was no longer frightened by ghosts, the dark, or any of the things he had been afraid of before – although he did admit to a certain morbid fascination with “some spooky things”. He was starting to be anxious again, but only about going to places he wasn’t confident in going to and he said anger was no longer an issue at all.

His mum agreed, she said he didn’t even fight with his brother, they got on well now and he was as mild and placid as any 15 year old she knew and had been for the past couple of years – ever since he’d taken ‘that pill you gave him’.

Later on in our conversation I asked Mark what he felt his worst quality was now. This was his reply:

“I’m too calm with my friends, when they push me around a bit and sometimes I feel as if I might cry even though I never do.”

Wow, that’s a big change – what a powerful little remedy that was for him, healing him on a really deep level.  Results like this have also helped me to understand that something like anger is pathology too and not just bad behaviour.  I see this sort of thing many times where apparently ‘naughty’ children return after a relatively short time totally changed and amenable.

If you or anyone you love struggle with anger issues give me a call on 07725 520476 to see if homeopathy can help you.