Menopause Matters

Menopause is a reminder that you are entering another phase of your life. Every one of us is different and has different symptoms, but hot flushes and night sweats are by far the most common symptoms I have treated in women going through this time of life, probably followed by sleeping difficulties or insomnia.

Anxiety and depression are sometimes enhanced during this time anyway, and mood swings are common – and no wonder with all the emotional and hormonal changes going on.  Add to all of that a lack of interest in sex, weight gain, palpitations, hair loss, menstruation problems such as heavy, irregular or prolonged bleeding, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness and even joint pain and skin problems, then no wonder that this is a difficult time for many women.

Here are a few of the phrases different women have used to describe their experience:

“I’m full on sweating every night. It wakes me up and I kick off the covers and then I get cold, over and over.”

“My skin and hair changes, I get lumpy, painful spots in my hairline, and sore boobs, then I bleed so heavily and I’ve never suffered much with my periods before.”

“Menopause is horrendous. I thought I’d sail through it, but I’ve my closest to having a nervous breakdown, my periods were sometimes heavy – but now I’m absolutely flooding. The mental symptoms are the worst though, moods, psychological stuff.”

“The worst thing is my complete lack of desire to do anything, I’d rather lie on the settee all day, I have no will to do anything.”

“One night I soaked through 3 lots of bedding”

“I have no hot flushes but I feel like I’m going nuts, there’s a lot going on you’re losing your looks, losing your sex drive, your fertility, your hormones are changing. I had a little bit of HRT but it hasn’t helped, it’s a difficult time”.

“The worst thing is I can’t be me anymore. I can’t do what I want to do, be who I want to be. It’s hindering me from being able to function properly.”

But, there is another side for some and one lovely lady came with a couple of the more minor symptoms and told me her feelings about this time of life:

“It’s liberating – no more concerns about pregnancy or menstruation, I feel like I’m entering a time of my life which is for me.”

My most used remedies to help with the menopause are as follows. If you think that one of these may help you, do try it, but for even better results give me a call and see how I can help you:

1. Sepia
If you need this remedy you may feel far more irritable or depressed than usual and take it out on your family. You might feel very apathetic, but actually do improve after exertion. This is a great remedy for hot flushes and dryness of the vagina.

2. Folliculinum
This remedy is good for someone who has lost their sense of self. Perhaps they feel they are becoming a bit of a doormat. It is very effective where there has been a history of taking the pill.

3. Lachesis
I would recommend this remedy if you are very loquacious and inclined towards jealousy, you might care about your appearance, bleed heavily and suffer from hormonal headaches.

4. Pulsatilla
This remedy will help you if you feel very weepy and needy. There will often be insomnia where you feel very sleepy in the afternoon but restless again at night.

And just to show you how worthwhile it can be – here are a few comments and from some happy patients, usually after just one treatment:

“I haven’t slept so well for ages, all of a sudden I can shut my mind off quite easily and I wake up quite refreshed. I wake straight up, I feel alert – that little pill has taken years off me!”

“Those headaches have gone completely and the hot flushes are hugely improved”

“The nightmares have stopped and I’m sleeping much better. I also have more energy and my memory seems to be a bit better”

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