Meet Sally and see how Homeopathy Helped Her

“I’ve always had PMT but it’s been worse over the past couple of years.  I know I take things the wrong way. I’m too sensitive. Normally I have a good sense of humour, normally I give as good as I get, but during my worst weeks I react too quickly, I’m oversensitive, weepy, emotional and irrational.  At my worst I want to just pack a suitcase and go”.

“It’s like you’re not living during those 2 weeks, you’re just surviving, and it’s like being in a big dark tunnel. You’re on automatic pilot doing all the things you need to do. I get home from work and feel numb but I know I’ve got to get up again. There are times when I know I’ve got to act normally and I can force myself to do that, but I’d rather stay at home and do nothing for the whole 2 weeks”.

“Whenever we plan anything I have to look at the calendar and see if it will be in a good time of the month or a bad time”.

“I feel better if I go out and walk the dogs or something, it does benefit me, but sometimes I’m in such a low place, I can’t even force myself to do that, then I get too tired and cross that I haven’t even got the time to do things that make me feel better”.

“When I haven’t got it I’m anticipating it, I think of situations I might be in when it comes back and how I will cope with them, sometimes it’s just better not to mix with people”.

“It’s a cycle. There’s just under 2 weeks leading up to it, then I have a period, then I have a good week to 10 days where I’m normal, I’m in a good frame of mind, very positive, and suddenly it starts taking over again. If it wasn’t for those few days every month I’d just think the negative person was me. I’m like a teenager with moods I can’t control, grumpy and cross – I don’t know why”.

“I feel that as soon as I wake up there’s just more buttons that can easily be pushed”.

Notice how Sally’s PMT controlled her whole life, I’m sure many women can sympathise and many of us have the odd day or two each month of feeling this way but half of Sally’s life was ruled by these feelings.  She visited me during her good 2 weeks and she was entertaining and intelligent, very pleasant to be with but honest about how she was when she suffered.

I prescribed a remedy called Sepia, Sally talked of surviving, of being in a dark tunnel and said that activity did actually help her mood even though she found it difficult to rouse herself to do it.

Sally came back 10 weeks later although we spoke a couple of times during those 10 weeks. She reported,

“Last month was great again. I didn’t think that one dose would last this long but it seems to be still working miracles. The first period I had after I saw you I just kept waiting for it to hit me but it didn’t and my second period just finished last week and although I did get down for a day or so it was nothing like before, nothing!”

As I delved deeper I saw that for a day or so each month there was still a bit of lethargy, and maybe she was more sensitive during those couple of days – but we’ve gone from a 2 week major problem to a 2 day minor one. We were both pleased!

There’s no need to suffer with PMT or let it define your life, get in touch with me and see how homeopathy can help you.