Meet Phil

Phil was in his 60’s when he first came to see me.  He was suffering from:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Underactive thyroid
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Coronary heart disease

Because of these problems, some he’d had for years he’d had to take early retirement and felt he was just going downhill now.

Phil was a real family man, and described himself as very laid back, compassionate and caring.  Like many of us he’d had lots of problems in life, and most had been centred around relationships.  He described how his health problems started during a particularly difficult time of his life:

“I started with stiffness in my fingers, then it went up my arms.  I started getting pains in my chest, but now occasionally I just get a dull pain which gets worse if I do too much. I very rarely use my angina spray.

“My pancreas stopped being able to convert sugar.  Diabetes came during that period but my diet wasn’t bad, I wasn’t overweight.”

After finding out a lot more, I prescribed Phil a remedy called Calcarea-carbonica in a very mild dose and he came back 2 months later:

“The best thing since the remedy is my clarity of thought, much, much better recall – even for difficult words.  My sleep has also been much better, I still wake up early in the morning but I always go back to sleep.  I’m still a bit tired in the day but it’s easing off.  I feel much better and not so restless, which used to wear me out.

I repeated the remedy and didn’t see Phil for another 8 months, by which time he was going downhill again:

“I’m waking up tired again, I feel my legs aching straight away and it just gets worse and worse as the day goes on until I just can’t do anything.  I’m sleeping badly again, I wake up at 3am and might as well get up then.   My joints and muscles lock, yet tests say there’s no arthritis or rheumatism.  I also have irritable leg syndrome again, it’s so uncomfortable you just have to move them. 

I repeated the remedy, and we agreed that Phil needed the same remedy again as soon as he started to go downhill, which he estimated was about 5 months after the last remedy, so I sent him off with some extra pills and didn’t see him again for a couple of years.  Then he contacted me to tell me how well he was doing and requested “a few more of those tiny pills”.

“It’s totally amazing to me how those tiny little things, with no side effects have had such a profound effect on my health.  Why doesn’t everyone do this?” He asked