Meet Katie….

Let me introduce you to Katie who came to me with depression. Many years ago she had overdosed and self harmed, said she had had a life of ups and downs and was now getting over severe post natal depression. She described herself as ‘just existing’ and admitted that she felt completely worthless and inadequate. I asked her how she’d like to feel and this was her reply,

“I’d like to feel content, secure, happy, free of guilt, free of feeling inadequate, I’d like to feel capable, strong, gentle, I don’t want to feel wound up all the time. Peaceful, accepted, special – I’d really like to feel that I was special to somebody in a way nobody else is.”

What a great answer! Now I know what we’re aiming at and also I know that at the moment she pretty much feels the opposite of all those qualities. It was obvious to both of us that hormones played a part in this. She suffered with heavy and painful periods and recognised that her moods changed throughout the monthly cycle even when she was in what she called “a more stable period”.

She had tried mainstream medication on and off throughout her life but said she never really felt a benefit, but, she said,

“When you feel that low you’ll try anything”.

I prescribed a remedy for Katie based on all her symptoms and she came back 6 weeks later and said,

“The remedy was fabulous – I felt more together, happier, bouncy, like it had taken a cloud off me – the best thing was I felt very loving and happy, calmer, peaceful – I was much nicer to live with”.

Then she went on to explain that her and her partner had a bad argument and it seemed to really knock her back, then she got a bad cold and went further downhill. Throughout this consultation she described herself as having an overriding resentment, a heart of stone, being under a weight and a cloud. She felt she was caught between a rock and a hard place and said she’d developed a hardness that she hadn’t had a few weeks ago. She was now describing her experience very differently and I knew I needed to find her a new remedy.

After this second prescription she didn’t return for almost two years. When she came back, she reported that she had felt better than ever before but now things were getting worse again, she felt betrayed in her relationship and upset that she was been treated unjustly. After much consideration I prescribed the same remedy as last time and didn’t see her again for another year or so. I’ve been seeing Katie for 8 years now and she has done well on 5 different remedies.

Meanwhile I notice that each time she returns she is not as low as the previous time. She has never got nearly as depressed as she when I first saw her and nowhere near her own description of how she felt in the past. Her mental and physical health is improving, and she senses when she needs another lift. For me, this is perfect – Katie is able to get on with her life, she enjoys her children and is now starting a new career.

If you can relate to any of Katie’s problems, do get in touch and talk to me about how homeopathy can help you. Phone me on 07725 520476 or book a consultation below.