Make Bedwetting a Thing of the Past

A 6 year old boy I’ll call Kallum visited me a few months ago with his Mum – the main problem: bedwetting.

There are almost 200 remedies available to us with this problem so I needed to narrow it down a little before I could prescribe a remedy I was confident would help.

He was a really ‘good’ child, other children’s bad behaviour bothered him and his self confessed mission in life was to rid the world of baddies. In fact, he had made up a club and enlisted his friends so that they could all be Ninjas and rid the world of crime!

Sometimes he went into the front garden with a pen and pad and wrote down passing car number plates in case a crime was committed in the area.
He told me about a dream he had where he went to the police station with his mum and accidentally pressed a button:

“and the army came and prisoners escaped. I was a bit scared, It was an accident but I thought maybe the army were going to shoot me”.

His mum felt he also had a bit of OCD, liking everything to be ‘just so’, and his only other problem was that he sometimes talked in his sleep.

He chattered away about his friends and his ability to whistle and click his fingers – he had a lot of confidence and was very engaging. He also admitted he was very scared of the dark because baddies could be around and you’d never know.

So, if we put those symptoms we are absolutely sure of into my software, we come up with this:

Repertorisation of symptoms

That has narrowed my search down to just 15 remedies (which have every symptom – many more come after that) and that is a lot more ‘doable’ than 200! At the end of those 15 remedies in the chart I like the look of ‘Cuprum’ because of Cuprum’s desire to keep the rules and their great sense of duty and responsibility. Also Cuprum is Latin for copper and not only is he dreaming of policemen but ‘Coppers’ of course enforce rules!

I prescribed Cuprum 1M and one month later had a phone call from his delighted mother telling me he was now dry at night and wasn’t talking in his sleep either.

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