Is Your Dentist Making You Ill?

Did you ever consider that your amalgam fillings may be making you ill? I’ve had patients whose symptoms have been mistaken for M.S. or Parkinsons as well as patients with various symptoms such as Tinnitus, headaches, chronic fatigue, joint pain and high blood pressure when in fact they just had metal toxicity caused by their amalgam fillings. By doing a homeopathic detox I was able to help their symptoms melt away and restore their health.

Shirley (not her real name) just 3 weeks into her detox said to me,

“The noise in my ears has gone completely and I have a lot more energy already.”

The Facts
Mercury makes up about half of an amalgam filling and helps it to be extremely durable, but even the world’s top health regulatory body does concede that it poses significant health risks. Many years ago scientist discovered that the mercury vapour can and does escape from our fillings when we eat, brush our teeth or do any number of everyday activities. It then gets into our bloodstream and organs, and it is one of the world’s most toxic substances, even in tiny amounts. The mercury accumulates in our bodies which do not recognize heavy metals as a pathogen, and so, absorbs it into our cells.

Nowadays we can of course avoid having them with many dentists offering alternatives but what about the fillings you have had in the past? If you are considering getting your amalgam fillings removed, it must be done extremely carefully – do your research first and find a dentist who has experience of doing it correctly.

However – there is another way. By using homeopathy we can give our body the correct stimulus to detox itself. A carefully prescribed remedy usually works best – and you can also benefit from the experience of a homeopath who will be able to prescribe a more suitable remedy but here are a few remedies you may like to consider to see if one will suit you:

The most common remedy is Natrum-mur 6X taken daily for a few weeks. This remedy is associated with the oversensitivity often caused by mercury poisoning so if you are oversensitive to things such as cigarette smoke or chemicals – even perfumes, then consider this.

Oversensitivity is also a key symptom for someone who may do better with Hepar-sulph 30C. This should be taken once a month for a period of time and should be considered if you are also sensitive to pain, smells, changes in the weather as well as the above sensitivities. You may also have painful or swollen lymph glands and feel extremely irritable.

Sulphur 6X daily could be considered if you are uncomfortably hot, and you have excessive and perhaps offensive perspiration which may smell metallic.

Our poor bodies are overloaded with toxins in today’s modern world. A homeopathic detox is a simple way to help restore health. Give me a call on 07725 520476 for a free 10 minute chat to see how homeopathy can help you.