I’m not Good at Talking About Myself!

“I’m not good at talking about myself, and I don’t like to be the centre of attention”.

They were the opening comments from Phil, whom I saw almost 5 years ago.  My heart sunk a bit, because, of course, talking about themselves is all I want my patients to do! 

Nevertheless, he’d come to see me and I determined to do my best.  He didn’t give me loads of information, but what he said was good enough for me to find what I hoped would be an excellent remedy for him.  These were a few of the more unusual things he told me:

“I can’t adjust to new routines, I like doing what I’m used to, I’m only comfortable doing things I know.  I don’t like change, spontaneity, I like things to be planned”.

“Since I was a teenager I’ve only had 3-4 hours sleep a night.  I’m restless and agitated at night, it’s not just one thing on my mind its thinking about the future, changing my job, people who annoy me”.

“I talk in my sleep, that wakes me up too”.

“I nearly always wake up between 4 and 6am with a nightmare.  They’re violent, violence against me, by me, to people, to animals – anything.  Sometimes they start as normal dreams and suddenly change, blood, violence, killing”.

“I’m quite moody generally, my outlook is generally negative”.

“My only fear is being out of work.”

I prescribed a remedy called Kali-carb and didn’t see him again until a week or two ago.  I actually never expected to hear from him again, and presumed that being expected to talk about himself for over an hour had been pretty painful for him.  I just hoped that the remedy had been helpful.

Phil booked himself in online, I didn’t even realise it was him until he turned up.  He told me that the remedy had been brilliant and so he’d come again – 5 years later!  It was good to see him, he seemed a little more talkative – or maybe that was because he now knew what was expected of him.  His issues now were similar, although milder even 5 years later:

“I repeated the remedy a few times because you gave me extra, they’re pretty amazing really to keep me going all this time.  I haven’t had a problem, not needed a doctor, nothing until just a few weeks ago when I went downhill”.

Yes – homeopathy is amazing, I love to hear how much people improve after a good remedy, but to see that a few tiny pillules, with no side effects can help this much is truly remarkable.  Maybe I’ll see him again in another 5 years!

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