I’ll See You in Three years….

In 2014 17 year old Sarah came to see me with chronic fatigue:

“I’m exhausted all of the time. I feel like a devil is pinning me to my bed. If I get out of bed to go to the toilet, or get some food, within a short time I need to go back to bed. If I go out I just think I need to go back to bed, I miss being in bed so much”

“The tiredness is like a cloud over my head, it’s not a normal tiredness. No matter how much I sleep I get it doesn’t go away and I even get breathless walking upstairs. I still go out with my friend s sometimes but it’s not much fun, I spend the evening thinking how I need to go to bed”.

“I have aching joints, and my hands and feet get numb, pins and needles – whenever – randomly, and I’m always constipated.”

Sarah explained that this had come on overnight, she used to love walking with the family and going running but one morning she woke up and just felt like this. Boredom was a big problem for her because previously she’d kept so busy and now could do practically nothing.

Sarah was extremely caring, loved her family and friends and really put herself out to help them. She wanted to be a nurse, although that was all on hold now, which was her biggest sorrow about her illness. She had been bullied at school but coped with it by feeling that while they were bullying her they were leaving other people alone, so that was OK.

“When I see others suffer it hurts me, I feel helpless, feel like I should do something to make it better”.

I gave Sarah Phosphorous, it was well indicated and I knew it would help. She phoned me about 6 weeks later and gave this report:

“Before I would put my energy at 2 or 3 out of 10, now it’s more 7/10. I’m not sleeping in the day anymore, I feel so much better. The constipation is completely gone. I’ve applied to university and I’m waiting for the letter”.

I sent Sarah some more Phosphorous to take when she needed it and I didn’t hear from her again for over 3 years.

“The remedy before made me feel better for months, then I’d repeat, it always lasted for a few months before I’d go downhill again. I started to get much worse last Thursday but it’s been gradually getting worse before then. I literally need 20-24 hours sleep to even feel a tiny bit better and my joints have started aching again too. I love sleep – everything else is a bit of a drag, it’s difficult to get out of bed. Everything’s just focussed around finishing University, I don’t have fun anymore, never go out with friends.  The doctors have diagnosed me with M.E.”

We talked some more and I could see that Sarah needed a different remedy now, and probably had for quite a while. I gave her a remedy called Calc-carb, it was a remedy that had shown up well even on her first visit, but I chose Phosphorous as a better match – it looked like a layer had been unravelled since then and this was now at the top.

A couple of weeks later I got a text from Sarah:

Thank you so much Sue – I feel great. See you in another 3 years 😉

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