“I Feel Like People Think I’m Pretending or Faking it”

Simon came to me a few years ago having suffered with panic attacks for much of his adult life. He said,

“I’ve always had this feeling but I keep it locked away so it doesn’t creep out. I’m struggling to keep myself together so that it isn’t obvious”.

Simon explained that his anxiety came whenever he was expected to leave the house; it affected his work as well as his everyday life. When he came to me (coerced by his wife I might add), he’d already been off work for a few weeks and feared losing his job. He said,

“I need to be normal, why have I got it? People don’t understand it. It’s numbing worrying about silly things, a complete block, it stops me doing anything. I’m anxious even picking the kids up from school. I feel like people think I’m pretending or faking it. I’m negative nervous, it’s a paralysing feeling, fight or flight. All I have to do is go out of the house and walk down the road but it’s like an extreme fear, as if there’s an intruder in your house and you’re upstairs hiding or you have to do something really important, life saving and you can’t do it. Like your house is burning and your kids are up there and you have to climb this huge ladder to get them down and you can’t”.

I really felt for him, imagine going through all of that each time you needed to leave the house, and consider the strain it must be to hide all of this, or as he puts it,

“keep it locked away”.

He felt that his family weren’t very sympathetic to him, but his anxiety was putting a huge strain on them too – not only was it affecting his ability to go to work, but even to do ordinary things – and his wife (who accompanied him) was upset that they’d never even had a family holiday!

He felt he was letting everyone down by his behaviour and admitted to occasionally feeling suicidal because of how he felt. He said,

“it would just be easier not to be here than to deal with it”.

I gave him a remedy called Calcarea-carbonica. It is made from an oyster shell and one of the main features of this remedy is a desire to stay safely inside their home (shell). Of course, many other symptoms and feelings he gave me are in the remedy too. I looked forward to seeing him again in a month or so to see how he was doing.

Well – he never actually returned, but his wife did – for herself, with her children and other family members because, she told me he’d gone back to work and was too busy to come back – but the message from him was…. ‘thanks’!

This family make my heart happy. I was able to help many of them with their different problems, some of them fairly serious, and it’s wonderful to see lives improve in front of your eyes and see their scepticism turn into amazement.

If anyone you love suffers like Simon did, do please give me a ring on 07725 520476. Homeopathy improves lives!