How To Use Homeopathy Instead of Pain Killers

Pain – any sort of pain really can make life miserable.  Homeopaths treat pain in a completely different way to conventional doctors who, depending on the severity of the pain might suggest Paracetamol, or if it’s worse, Codeine, or even Morphine (and likely many other choices in between, I’m no mainstream medicine pain expert I’m grateful to admit.)

However – if you’ve ever been to a homeopath you’ve no doubt squirmed a bit as we’ve asked you to describe your pain, tell us what makes it better or worse, explain how it affects your life and how you cope with it.  We have different parameters on how to choose pain relief for you and that’s why 10 different people with the same ‘headache’ or ‘sore throat’ might be given 10 different remedies.  That said, our remedies can be equally effective if they are chosen wisely, and they have the added bonus of sometimes being healing too, rather than just covering up the pain (depending on the problem and the remedy chosen), and they have no side effects. 

I treated a lady in her 80’s who’d broken her hip and although it was declared ‘healed’ she still had to take regular painkillers to cope with the pain she was left in.  Once she found out how well Eupatorium-perforatum helped her she turned to that instead and used it for many months without any mainstream painkillers until the pain disappeared completely.

So, here are my top ten pain relieving remedies and some indications of why you might choose one over another:

1. Arnica: useful after all accidents and falls, for black eyes, sprains, sore muscles, backache, joint pain, and after childbirth and surgery, even dental work.  This is often the first remedy to give after one of these and then you can move to a different remedy.  The Arnica feeling is “leave me alone and I’ll be OK”, a common feeling when you’ve just been badly bruised and don’t want to be prodded and poked.  There is often an element of shock involved and it helps this too. 

2. Symphytum: is made from comfrey, otherwise called “knitbone” or “boneset,” which gives you a clue to one of its main uses.  It is excellent at mending broken bones.  It acts so quickly that fractures must be set before the remedy is given and it helps with the pricking stitching pain after fractures have healed.  It’s also good for many types of injuries including sprains, strains, bruising, arthritis, tennis elbow, and bone spurs. 

For torn ligaments I use 200C twice per day, chronic back pain, back pain from over lifting and bulging discs. (200C mixed with Hypericum 200C twice per day).  For arthritis of the knee I’d choose 200C mixed with Arnica 200C twice per day.  These problems may take months to heal but the remedy will ease the pain and stiffness during that time.  It is also a specific remedy for blunt trauma to the eyeball – not the orbit.

3. Hypericum: is often called the Arnica of the nerves and is great for nerve pain or shooting or stabbing pains as well as puncture wounds. Neuralgia, sciatica, whiplash and toothache are typical things this will help. Better lying quietly, worse cold damp air.

4. Bryonia: is an excellent remedy for any sort of pain where the slightest movement makes it worse.  Headaches can be like that, or injuries which you need to hold still.  It is an excellent remedy for pneumonia or pleurisy where that is the overall feeling – staying still or holding the painful part still is what helps a little.  There is usually a slow onset where this remedy is indicated.  The patient can be irritable, dry and very thirsty and feel worse in the warmth.

5.  Rhus-tox is the number one remedy for muscular aches and pains which are worse for first movement but once you get going they improve. Think of this remedy for and stiffness or joint pain, arthritis and rheumatism, strains and sprains, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, sciatica and frozen shoulder.  You might feel anxious, restless, or irritable and thirsty.  Better for continuous movement; for a warm, dry atmosphere.  Worse for rest and stillness, for first movement, for cold, damp weather.

6. Ruta: often works alongside Rhus-tox, but where Rhus-tox needs to get going to improve, Ruta is more ‘lame’, with an inability for movement. Especially useful for tendon and bone injuries and many of the same ailments as Rhus-tox is good for but with that different modality. It is also a great remedy to help with the pain caused by dental braces and for eye strain.  Better for warmth, lying on back, motion, rubbing and worse cold and over exertion.

7. Cantharis: is an excellent remedy for stinging, burning or itching pains.  Think of it for insect stings or bites, burns, sunburn, cystitis, a burning sore throat, stinging eyes etc. especially when the condition worsens without warning.  There is severe anxiety and irritability or anger.  Better for gentle rubbing.  Worse for touch and movement, while urinating (cystitis), drinking cold water.

8.  Mag-phos: good for spasmodic pains, and helpful for any pain which is accompanied by exhaustion and improves with a hot compress.  Menstrual cramps are one example of this.  It also has a reputation for helping with headaches from getting too cold.  Better for warmth, pressure, doubling up.  Worse cold, touch, movement.

9. Eupatorium-perforatum: is also commonly known as ‘boneset’ and also is excellent for bone pain which may be due to an injury or an illness such as malaria or influenza where your bones ache and you can’t get comfortable.  You may have a cold feeling in your bones and you may feel tearful.   Better for perspiration (as typically there is little) and worse in the cold or for moving around.

10. Bellis-perennis: is a major trauma remedy and the first choice for suspected internal bleeding or injuries to deep tissues, such as after abdominal surgery.  Pains are hard, aching, throbbing and deep.  Helpful to give after a mammogram. Better for open air, and after eating. Worse on the left side, being touched, and becoming chilled when hot.

If you feel unable to choose a remedy – and don’t underestimate how difficult this is when you are in pain yourself, do get in touch with a professional homeopath for help. If you would like my help do give me a call on 07725 520476.