How To Protect Yourself

The 2019 Corona virus is reported as being 96% identical to the 2002 SARS virus, although to date (26th February 2020) the death toll from one report was given as 2,600 out of 80,000 confirmed cases which has far exceeded the 2002 virus where 774 died out of the 8,098 people who were infected.

The Corona virus is a respiratory flu, in fact 1/3 of the common cold cases are also a Corona virus, and although this one is nasty, as with any flu, most problems develop in the elderly, the very young and the already immune compromised. 82% of the people infected only develop mild symptoms.


Washing your hands, covering your own mouth when coughing or sneezing and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth in case your own hands become contaminated are top prevention strategies. This virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed at a temperature of 26-27 degrees so you could also drink hot drinks as a preventative. Boost your own immune system by eating healthily, getting enough sleep, minimising stress and taking good quality Vitamin C & D supplements. It is also reported that Selenium is an excellent supplement in preventing any respiratory virus. If you have been in contact with the virus there are remedies to take which can prevent the illness progressing at all. In India a group of homeopaths, believe that Arsenicum Album most closely matches the symptoms and advise taking this in 200c once a week if you have been in contact with it and twice a day for 3 or 4 days if you get any symptoms.


The symptoms of the Corona Virus, common to most flu’s are a low grade fever with fatigue and aching. The more uncommon symptoms are no nasal discharge and a dry cough, sometimes accompanied by breathlessness. Some cases report that the kidney, liver or heart have been affected. Severe cases result in pneumonia. The medical world offer assistance with breathing difficulties, as well as medicines to reduce fever and pain but to date, it is unknown how effective their anti-viral drugs are. Their aim is to kill the virus, whilst as homeopaths we aim to strengthen the system to resist or expel the virus.


If you get any symptoms of any respiratory virus treat them immediately. The most common homeopathic remedies to choose from at the beginning are Aconite or Belladonna (if the symptoms come on quickly) or Ferrum-phos or Gelsemium if they come on more slowly. Treating symptoms well at this stage can prevent it going any further. Other things to treat any respiratory virus are elderberry supplements/cough mixtures, Turmeric, honey and ginger.

If the symptoms become more severe there are many homeopathic remedies to choose from. In this virus the most common ones seem to be Gelsemium, Arsenicum and Bryonia, although Phosphorous and Ant-tart are also good to consider.

If you have any symptoms which concern you and would like help in choosing remedies do get in touch with me.