How To Get Rid of a Sore Throat Quickly

A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, flu, tonsillitis, mumps, or even glandular fever.  It might ease off after a few hours or feel like it’s going to last forever but sore throats often do not respond to antibiotics because they are mostly viral infections so homeopathy really gets a chance to prove it’s worth here.

Tonsillitis can be either viral (often with the common flu and cold symptoms) or bacterial (with the white pus filled spots on the tonsils).  If you get recurring bouts of either of these then you need to visit a homeopath for constitutional treatment to improve your overall health and immune system.

Strep throat (which is specifically caused by the streptococcus bacteria) is usually more severe than tonsillitis and lasts longer.  This too is an indication that your overall health is compromised but can be treated very successfully using homeopathy.

If you want to treat any sore throat using first aid homeopathy here are some of the more common remedies to consider for a first aid situation to relieve the symptoms.  Choose the remedy which best matches your symptoms, and use 30C or 200C strength.  As with all first aid homeopathy you can repeat half hourly if necessary for a while but if symptoms don’t improve don’t repeat the remedy more than 2 or 3 times because the remedy choice is wrong.  Reconsider and try a different remedy.

Aconite:   Sudden onset and made worse by cold dry winds.  Throat is red, might feel constricted or numb, and  feels dry and very thirsty.  Tonsils may be swollen and voice might be hoarse.

Apis:   Redness and swelling are the keynotes of Apis.  The pain would be burning and stinging and may extend to the ear.  The patient might feel irritable.

Belladonna:  There is a lot of heat in Belladonna too.  The throat is very sore and tender to the touch.  The pain is burning and may be worse on the right side.  The neck might be stiff and tender.  Tonsils may be swollen and there is often a constant desire to swallow but with little thirst.  ​

Mercury:   The throat is dry, burning, dark red and swollen.  There is always excess saliva with a need to swallow constantly.  The tongue may be coated, breath is offensive and the person is easily irritated and intolerant to many things. 

Hepar sulph:  Sharp splinter-like pains in the throat   and foul breath.  There is usually pus or abscesses on the tonsils.    The patient is chilly and made worse by draughts or cold and needs to be kept warm or have warm drinks. They irritable and oversensitive.

Baryta Carb:   Tonsils are so inflamed they are touching and there tends to be pus.  Excess saliva, stinging pains, worse right side and comes with every cold.   

Gelsemium:  A great flu remedy where you feel exhausted, trembly, hot and cold.  They have an unpleasant taste in their mouth and a sore throat which extends to the ears when they swallow.  Swallowing hurts too much to drink.

​ ​Lachesis:  The sore throat starts on the left but can move to the right side.  The throat is a blueish red and the pain is better eating but worse for ‘empty’ swallowing.  Pain may extend into the ear and cause the neck to be sensitive.  There is often a sensation of a lump in the throat  and commonly symptoms feel worse after sleep.

​Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.