How Do I Treat Chronic Fatigue?

I could have picked any illness really, because as homeopaths we treat the individual, not the illness. Nevertheless, the illness plays its part in pointing us to the correct remedy and because recently I’ve seen so many people with this particular problem and conventional medicine doesn’t seem to offer much help, I thought it would be good one to look at.

First we have our initial consultation which will last up to one and a half hours. I see my patients either in person from my home practise room, or worldwide via Facebook Messenger or Skype. We go through all of your symptoms in detail, how they affect your life, when your symptoms are worse, what brought them on, if anything helps them, and how you cope with them. Everyone experiences chronic fatigue differently but of course there are common symptoms – the main ones being exhaustion and pain.
I will also investigate any other health problems you have, or have had in the past as well as finding out as much about you as possible – things such as fears, phobias, dreams and cravings are very helpful. Also, the way you experience life, and even the language you use helps point me towards a remedy.

Let me give you an example of that: Recently I had a patient whose symptoms made them feel very vulnerable. I asked him when he felt most vulnerable and he answered,

“In the sea, everything is around you – below, above and to the sides, it’s the only place that happens and I have to be always ready, aware and more alert”.

I loved that answer! It made me consider a different remedy, one made from an animal as that is such an animal type of reaction, and I’m glad to say he has done very well on it.

After your consultation I will either give you or send you your remedy with the instructions in the post, if you are overseas it may be easier to buy your remedy locally. I always like a quick catch up after a couple of weeks to check there’s some improvement. This could be as simple as a text or Facebook message or a phone call. If by any chance you feel there’s been no improvement at this stage I am happy to look over my notes and consider sending or recommending a different remedy.

It is best to have a follow up appointments about 4-6 weeks after your first consultation. This really helps us build on the improvement made and consider our plan for the future. Any future consultations are as and when you feel you need them.

As a homeopath nothing is more rewarding than a patient returning to tell me that their symptoms have improved or disappeared. Here are a few examples of before and after treatment:

Patient 1

“When I lie in bed I feel my muscles moving. I have night sweats – the worse my chronic fatigue is, the worse my muscles move all night and the worse the sweats are, it’s as though they are still going and making me sweat even when I’m asleep. I feel drained 100% of the time”.

After 4 months (we had a few phone catch ups but she didn’t actually return for all this time)

“Each time I took the remedy there was an improvement in my fatigue, muscle fatigue especially. My blood count is right up now and I have so much more energy. I’d say I’m about 70% of the way there already”.

Patient 2

“If I get up and going I can push through OK. Once I stop I want to lie down all day, like an old person. In a way I’m quite apathetic about it but on some level it’s completely depressing, I don’t feel I’ll ever get better”

5 weeks later:

“For a few days I didn’t notice any difference and then I realised everything was just a little easier. I’ve improved slowly since then, it’s definitely helped a lot and everything isn’t such a drag”.

Patient 3

“The tiredness hit me about 3 months ago. I had to have 3 weeks off work, I just wanted to sleep around the clock, and I felt depressed. The doctor put me on Citalopram, 10mls a day. I was desperate. I don’t feel depressed any more, just worried about the tiredness. Sometimes I get headaches, I think because I’m tired or stressed. I can function but it takes such a huge effort. I don’t want to go out, I just can’t be bothered, I want to sleep all the time, it’s really debilitating”.

6 weeks later:

“I’m so much better, I feel I have my life back – feel like I can go out and do what I want. I get more tired in the evening’s than I think is normal but that’s about it – and that’s huge!”

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