How Can a Falcoln Improve Your Health?

I had an interesting visitor a couple of months ago with all sorts of relatively minor problems:

  • He had an accident at work 6 years ago and had ever since been in constant pain which is much worse when he lifted his arm.
  • Repetitive strain injury in his wrist, “feels inflamed, severely sore.”
    He damaged his foot a few months ago when he stepped back onto a drain at work which swelled up like a balloon and is still bruised.
  • Poor circulation and coldness which the doctors have told him is numbness as he’s not really cold at all.
  • His fingers sometimes tingle and he gets cramp in them.
  • Very difficult to fall asleep which is much better when he’s on holiday

What was interesting was the way he described his problems or blamed them on others. He said things such as:

“My work have tried to get rid of me over it but it’s an industrial injury, their fault it happened anyway”.

“The doctors have given me cortisone injections but each time I swear it just gets worse – they don’t know what they’re doing”.

“I’ve always been bullied in my jobs and have had to keep changing jobs because of it”.

“They diagnosed me with high blood pressure, but I’m sure it’s only because of what they were doing to me”.

He also told me a long story about how someone tried to get him fired in one job and how his wife ‘took him to the cleaners’ when he got divorced. Separately these things wouldn’t have meant much, but this man felt like a victim. In practically every part of his life his feeling was that all these things happened to him because of other people, or because of circumstances he couldn’t do anything about.

That all indicated to me that he needed an animal remedy. When someone needs an animal remedy you often see a survival instinct coming through, a you versus me, or a victim feeling. It’s interesting that they will even talk about parts of their own body doing things to them or attacking them. People needing an animal remedy are often larger than life, and are usually very engaging. They often make great eye contact and can be very charming.

Most of our remedies are made up from minerals, plants or animals and if you put one of each of those into a room it’s easy to imagine which one you would take more notice of. This seems to often be the case with people needing animal remedies.

So, having determined that he needed an animal remedy I needed to discover which one. I could easily see that it wasn’t an insect remedy or a snake remedy. Mammal remedies are far more sociable than he seemed to be, and as well as seeing obvious animal themes I’d need to see a dependence on others, a need to belong and often a lack of self worth. I decided that with his trapped feeling, his chilliness and dreams of flying (which actually is quite common and in itself would not point to a bird remedy!) I’d give him Falco-perigrinus, which is simply a Latin name for a Perigrine Falcon.

Last week he returned, full of beans and delighted with the results. His sleep had improved no end, his aches and pains all but disappeared and his numbness or cold sensation gone. He said he still got cramp occasionally but his energy was improved and he was far happier in his job because they had stopped trying to get rid of him. That last statement helped me to see that this remedy had really had helped him on a really deep level. The inner feeling that everyone was against him had lessened, and in turn that had negated the need for his body to produce symptoms. That is holistic healing – and this time, all thanks to a Falcon!

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