Homeopathy For Women

From puberty to old age homeopathy can assist women at all stages of their life, and with any problems they may experience, including PMS, infertility, post natal depression and the menopause.

Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) is a very common complaint for many young women yet homeopathy offers a solution which lacks any side effects and even restores the hormone imbalance as it helps with the pain. There may be an underlying cause for this problem which needs to be understood and treated, but for pain relief we have a number of remedies which will help when selected correctly:

  • Mag-phos – pain is especially relieved by warmth, but also pressure; right sided pain is more common.
  • Belladonna – has a sudden onset with intense throbbing pain and cramps which get worse from being jolted or any touch.
  • Sepia – bearing down pains felt low in the abdomen. Usually has a light menstrual flow but can be heavy sometimes, with a low mood.
  • Colocynthis – intolerable cramps which may be relieved a little by pressure, bending over or heat. Anger may intensify or accompany symptoms.
  • Chamomilla – irritable and angry when in pain; gentle movement, such as riding in a car or rocking her body alleviate it a little.
  • Cimicifuga – the pain is proportional to the flow – the more they bleed, the stronger the pain.
  • Veratrum album – heavy flow with severe menstrual cramps, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sweating.

“The pain is so, so much better – probably what everyone else gets now where it used to be so bad I used to vomit and feel like I would pass out”.

What to do: take your selected remedy in a 30 or 200 strength and repeat as soon as the benefits wear off during the painful time. Do not continue to use once the symptoms have gone, and do not continue to take the remedy if it does not ease the symptoms. If, within a few months the overall problem does not improve visit a doctor to find the underlying reason, or a homeopath for a more carefully selected and deeper remedy.

PMS is almost a way of life for so many women, yet homeopathy offers such effective treatment for it. The most common homeopathic remedies include:

  • Lachesis – Severe PMS which eases as soon as bleeding starts. Suits women who may be a little jealous or possessive, are very talkative and perhaps nearer menopausal age. They may have left sided headaches and dislike tight clothing.
  • Pulsatilla – often used for younger women who have late and light periods with a flow that may stop during the night. May suffer from mood swings before their period, and cry easily, hating to be left alone but appreciating sympathy and understanding.
  • Sepia – with a heaviness in the lower abdomen. Might also suffer from Chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, recurrent yeast infections or urinary tract infections, irritability, fatigue and a low sex drive.
  • Lac caninum – may feel irritable, have tender and swollen breasts and have periods which start with a heavy flow. Headaches, migraines or sore throats have pain which alternates sides.
  • Natrum muriaticum – wants to be left alone, feels sad and headaches make it worse, might have herpes or acne and gain weight before her period due to water retention.

“I felt very calm and relaxed after the remedy, stopped feeling overwhelmed with everything so I don’t shout at the kids like I used to. It’s been about 6 months since I saw you and I feel I’m starting to go downhill again.”

About 80% of women experience menopause symptoms which can be alleviated using homeopathy. A few remedies to consider for this are:

  • Sepia – will feel worn out and indifferent to many things (including sex). Cold, despite having hot flushes. Pelvic organs can feel weak and sagging, periods may be light sometimes but heavy others. Might also suffer from chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, recurrent yeast infections or urinary tract infections, headaches and irritability. Exercise improves mood and symptoms.
  • Lachesis – intense hot flushes with red or purplish flushing, palpitations, feelings of pressure or constriction. Tight clothing around the neck and waist may be impossible to tolerate. Very talkative, with strong emotions, including jealousy and suspicion.
  • Pulsatilla – Soft and emotional, with changeable moods and easy tears. Very attached to their families so find it hard to bear the thought of the children growing up and leaving home. Unable to tolerate rich or fatty foods. Irregular periods, alternating heat and chills, and lack of thirst are common. Symptoms improve in the open air.
  • Calc Carb – Heavy flooding with menses, night sweats and flushing but with a general chilliness. Weight gain during menopause. Responsible and hard-working but easily tired. Anxiety may be strong.

“Sue’s remedy has been amazing, my night sweats are not as bad as they were, I used to drip with sweat, now I’m just clammy. My energy is improved and I feel happier.”

These are just a few remedies available for some of the problems women experience throughout their life but if you suffer from

• Premenstrual tension
• Painful or irregular periods
• Hormonal mood swings
• Hot flushes
• Infertility
• Yeast infections
• Post natal depression

There is a remedy which will help you. Phone me on 07725 520476 for a free 10 minute consultation to see how homeopathy can help you.