Homeopathy and Headaches

Many things cause headaches but one of the most common is stress and tension.  According to doctors 85% of our headaches are blamed on this, so, to prevent reaching for painkillers, perhaps you could consider a homeopathic remedy.  They have no side effects and if matched to the symptoms properly, they work remarkably well.  These are a few of our most common remedies for headaches with a few of their indications (in alphabetical order only).  Whilst they will help with the pain, to get rid of chronic headaches you may need to have constitutional homeopathic care with a homeopath.

My software programme shows 991 remedies under the symptom ‘head pain’.  Some of those are highlighted to show they are more likely to get headaches, but as you can imagine, even to a homeopath this isn’t helpful, so we need far more information to make a good choice.  As an example, I had a patient recently who came with headaches as the main problem she wanted help with but other information she gave me included:

  • Her headaches centred around her forehead
  • A recent bereavement which had worsened the headaches
  • A fear of heights
  • Irritability
  • Frequent Cold sores
  • Dreams of water

I ran that through my software and it showed this:

Using that information I easily narrowed the remedy choice down to a remedy called Natrum-mur which helped within a few days.

It is always worth having a homeopathic first aid kit handy to treat problems within your family whenever you can but if you would like some assistance in choosing a remedy do get in touch with me. I’d love to help.