The word ‘allergy’ didn’t even exist a century ago, today, yet today, over one quarter of the population suffers with some sort of respiratory allergy – one of which is hay fever, and sadly, according to doctors, children who already have food allergies are twice as likely to develop hay fever later in life.

We need to end this trend, and the best place to start is to choose a natural cure such as homeopathy whenever possible instead of other harmful drugs or antibiotics. I mention antibiotics because; did you know that allergies often follow their use? I’ve seen this for myself in many of my patients, as well within as my own family and it’s not really surprising because antibiotics change the microbial structure of the gut and start to cause problems there. If your susceptibility lies in the respiratory system, then from what I’ve seen, hay fever or asthma will appear later in life.

Not only can homeopathic remedies help in the acute stage of hay fever and start to relieve the symptoms immediately, but with the help of a professional homeopath it can be permanently eased so that it doesn’t bother you anymore.

Here are a few of my favourite hay fever remedies which will relieve many symptoms without the side effect from chemical drugs provided by the pharmaceutical industry. Remember that a homeopathic remedy is chosen based on the symptoms presenting at the moment. It can be given hourly if the symptoms are severe but shouldn’t be repeated more than 3 or 4 times if it is not helping. If the hay fever is not yet problematic but you know it is due to start, give the remedy three times a day, every day, during the weeks leading up to it.

My favourite five remedies for hay fever:

If you are unable to work with a qualified homeopath to find the remedy best suited to you, just find the remedy which describes your dominant symptoms and take a low potency dose (between 6X and 30C) two or three times per day throughout the allergy season or until you are symptom free.

1. Natrum-mur. Excessive, watery, nasal discharge and sneezing. Cold sores may develop, or cracks may appear in the corners of your mouth. Your mouth is dry, and you might lose your sense of smell and taste. Sometimes, a hammering headache develops, which can be worse over the eyes. You may feel worse in the sun but improve in the open air or when bathing in cool water. Perspiration also seems to relieve the allergies and often there is a real love of salt.

2. Arsenicum Album. Anxiety and restlessness are keynotes for this remedy. Eyes burn, and tears are hot and acrid, stinging the face and cheeks. Sneezing can be extreme with a tickle in the nose which it doesn’t relieve. Heavy mucus from the nose alternates with it being blocked. Nasal discharge is thin and burning irritating the upper lip. There is extreme thirst for warm drinks, which are sipped rather than gulped. You will feel chilly and intolerant to light. Sitting up is often the best position. Symptoms tend to get worse from midnight until 2:00 a.m.

3. Sabadilla. Excessive sneezing or prolonged attacks can cause nosebleeds or headaches. Severe frontal sinus pain is a common symptom. The eyes have a watery discharge and eyelids are hot and red although tears do not irritate the skin around the eyes, and there is great itching in the nose. The roof of the mouth itches. You may have difficulty hearing because your ears are blocked. The mouth is dry, you are not thirsty. You will feel chilly and sensitive to cold air. Symptoms are often worse from the smell of strong foods such as garlic and onion and certain flowers and you may be particularly sensitive to the smell of apples. Allergies are relieved with warm food and drinks.

4. Allium-cepa. Try this remedy when your nose and eyes stream with watery discharge and you sneeze a lot. Whilst the discharge irritates your nose or upper lip; your eyes might sting and feel sensitive to light but the discharge is not irritating. You are thirsty and you feel worse in warm rooms and better in open air. Often a headache may be felt in the back of the head or in the forehead in the sinus area.

5. Euphrasia. Symptoms for this remedy are centred around the eyes which water constantly with tears that burn, whilst there is a bland, non-irritating nasal discharge. Symptoms are worse in the morning and better in the open air and in the dark. A frontal headache may accompany nasal discharge. Frequent sneezing that gets worse at night is common. Allergies are worse in the sunlight and the wind.

If those remedies don’t seem to fit you very well, there are many others which might – I always think of Nux-vomica for a runny nose in the day and then dry nose at night, especially if you are irritable and ambitious. Wyethia is another favourite of mine when itching is the most intolerable symptom and may even extend to the ears. A good remedy to not only prevent an attack, but to subdue one that has already begun, is Mag-phos 6x.  This is a great remedy for spasms so will help spasms of sneezing. Mag-phos is great given in a glass of water and sipped every 30 minutes or so for this. There are also combination remedies which are made from several remedies, all of which are known to address hay fever.

We can’t presume that the above remedies will thoroughly eliminate hay fever forever, but they can certainly help the summer season be a happier time for you, and a homeopath can then guide you through finding a more individualised remedy to eliminate hay fever for good. Homeopathic treatment during the winter months is needed to eliminate hay fever forever.

If you would like some help in choosing a remedy, or talk about how homeopathy can help with your allergies, do give me a call on 07725 520476 or book an appointment below.