Half A Lifetime Spent Suffering Unnecessarily

40 year old Julie came to see me with two very common – and you may think ordinary problems. However, they really bothered her, and had done so for over half her life with no real relief.
First, she suffered with what we might think of as indigestion or heartburn:

“I think it’s to do with my weight. It’s not really painful, it’s just acid, I feel it in my stomach and in my throat, there’s no wind at all, just an acid taste. It stops at my throat, and doesn’t come into my mouth, it’s a sharp and bitter taste. I’ve even woken up with it. Then I sit up, it seems to be better if I drink water but I can’t find anything else which helps”.

Julie’s second problem was headaches:

“They’re random, but definitely worse if it’s too hot or too cold. They started about 20 years ago after my son was born. It’s a dull pressure – if I have a headache with actual pain it’s that typical up and over from the back of my neck to my eyes sort of headache but mostly I just have this constant pressure in my head. I plough on but I feel ratty and tired all the time because of them”.

There weren’t an awful lot of other physical problems, so I needed to dig deeper to get to that one remedy that would help Julie, Because using that information alone, I’d need to consider over 500 remedies!

Julie told me a little about herself – her fears, her likes and dislikes, her dreams and about some of her qualities.

I found out some interesting things which I was able to help use to narrow that choice down from 500+ to under 10:

  • Julie hated injustice, she was a great campaigner and always stuck up for the underdog.
  • She was very intuitive, had experienced some quite profound things and was consequently quite spiritual
  • She was claustrophobic
  • She described herself as stubborn and a little headstrong
  • She wasn’t a fearful person, but explained that she was terrified of knives or needles or anything that might cut into you

I prescribed a remedy called Thuja which I felt fitted very well. However, Julie had suffered with these problems for around half her life so I wondered how long it would take, and how many doses she would need to see an improvement.

Two days later she called me and told me that an hour or two after taking the remedy she burst into tears for no apparent reason which was very unusual for her and that the following day the pressure in her head started receding.

I felt that was a great start and looked forward to hearing more in another month.

The following month Julie told me that her acidity had just about gone:

“I just get a tiny bit very occasionally, I think eating late doesn’t help but I’m better than I have been since childhood”.

That was excellent news, a great improvement, so I asked about the pressure in her head:

“The pressure in my head is much, much better, it’s moved to only behind my nose now and it’s not nearly as severe”.

Two conditions that Julie had suffered with for around 20 years were enormously improved within a month – which led to an increase in energy and in mood.

Homeopathy, when used correctly is life changing. If you would like to know if it can help you, do get in touch with me for a free 15 minute consultation.