Finding Calm in the Chaos

If you suffer with chronic anxiety, you will benefit most from a course of treatment with a qualified homeopath, but you can self prescribe some remedies which will help a lot in situations which cause you anxiety. A while a ago I was able to help a friend who was playing the piano in a production and said that each time she did so, she was reduced to a trembling wreck, didn’t sleep the night before and felt absolutely paralysed with fear as the performance got nearer. I gave her a small packet of Gelsemium and she reported afterwards that it had helped enormously. She certainly played beautifully, but then she always did – just, at such a cost to herself.

I suggest trying one of the following remedies in a 30C or 200C if you feel that the symptoms match yours.

A great remedy for performance anxiety that leads to weakness and trembling. You may feel paralysed and helpless, unable to cope, want to escape the ordeal. Think of this if you are sitting an examination, driving test or performing somehow.

Aconite is one of the best remedies for fear or outright panic. Symptoms are sudden, intense and may follow a shock such as an accident or disaster. You might feel agitated, restless, and fearful. You imagine that you are about to die. You can get a dry mouth and pounding heart. Going to the dentist or for an operation might bring this sort of fear on.

If your anxiety focuses on security and safety, or what will happen in the future, then consider this remedy. You might worry too much about your health or your finances and so become overly careful. If you are a very neat and tidy person and very chilly then Arsenicum will help you.

If you need this remedy you might have a fear of change and like routine. You might appear stubborn, but you are generally a gentle mild person who hates hearing about cruelty and your fears might include the dark and some animals – especially mice, rats or insects. You may also tire easily when you exert yourself and sweat easily – even during sleep.

If this remedy suits you then the more you dwell on the thing you are anxious about then the worse it becomes. You start imagining, ‘what if?’ You feel hot and hurried and you crave sweet things which might lead to diarrhea and flatulence which you are prone to when you get anxious. Your anxiety might become worse if you get too hot and you will feel better in the fresh air away from crowds.

If none of the above remedies suit your symptoms, please get in touch with me on 07725 520476 and we can make an appointment to find a more appropriate remedy.