Do You Suffer With Anxiety?

If I had to choose a favourite problem to treat it’s got to be anxiety and depression, the reason being that with homeopathic treatment the results are amazing, fast and life changing. Anxiety and depression are not the same, but there is definitely a link between them, and conventionally they are often treated with the same medication. In one study, for example 85% of those with major depression were also diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

What is Anxiety?

We usually think of anxiety as being a feeling of uneasiness, fear or worry. As well as an emotional feeling it often includes physical symptoms such as nausea, sweating, sleeplessness or even panic attacks.
All of us feel anxious at times; for example, it’s natural if we’re going to sit an exam or waiting for an operation, but many people experience those feelings doing every day things and live in constant fear. I think the best explanation I heard was from a male patient who explained to me that he was frightened of heights (me too so I could sympathise) and he loved his kids, but every time he needed to leave his house he had the same feeling that he would have if his kids were stuck in a burning multi storey building and he had to climb a huge fireman’s ladder blowing in the wind to get them out. I can’t imagine living with that sort of fear day in day out and facing it each time you left home so I was very keen to help him. This affected everything in his life, including of course his ability to work and support his family.


Around one in ten people suffer from depression at some time in their life. Some of us might use the term ‘I’m depressed’ because we’ve lost our job or we’re getting a divorce or grieving a loved one but those ups and downs of life are common and many of us are able to recover quickly, albeit with the help of friends and family. With real depression you have a persistent low mood, and lethargy for at least two weeks, and often with no big trigger. Symptoms often become severe enough to interfere with normal activities such as eating and sleeping. You may have feelings of worthlessness, despair, anger or thoughts of death, and even simple tasks seem difficult.
Some homeopathic remedies for anxiety and depression:
It is best to see a homeopath for real help with anxiety or depression, please do get in touch if you’d like help, but if you’d like to try finding a remedy for yourself here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Arsenicum: doesn’t like being alone, full of insecurities, works hard to control his environment. Often very meticulous or fastidious.
2. Aconite: the most common remedy for panic attacks whilst they are actually happening. The attack is often accompanied by a fear of death, with palpitations and increased perspiration.
3. Aurum: under a black cloud and potentially suicidal. Very ambitious but is easily disappointed in himself and others.
4. Natrum-mur: puts on a brave face and weeps when alone. Sensitive and private, can become withdrawn. Usually very responsible.
5. Pulsatilla: Doesn’t care who she cries in front of, gentle and family orientated, can be dependent and needy.
6. Calc-carb: a worrier with lots of fears, likes to stay safely at home.
7. Sepia: post natal depression – wants to be left alone, irritable, exhausted and drained.

If you think one of the above remedies may help you, search for a little more information on the remedy and see how well it fits you. The better it suits you, the more it will help. I would suggest you buy the remedy in a 30C or 200C or ask a homeopath for some more advice.

The patient I mentioned above who suffered from anxiety was prescribed Calc-carb and he was thrilled with the results. He’d actually been reluctantly dragged along by his wife but gave me a lovely clear picture of the remedy he needed and within two weeks he was back at work and dropping by to say how well he felt. There are many more remedies to choose from so if you don’t think any of the above remedies fit your symptoms do get in touch for more help. This is not something you have to put up with, homeopathy can help you.

Other helps
  •  I have also found that diet plays a part in curing anxiety and depression. As well as a healthy diet being a must, often an inability to process gluten and dairy contributes to the problem, so consider giving them up for a while to see if it helps you.
  • Exercise! It’s not what you might feel like when you’re low but it’s a proven help.
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to help others. There’s nothing like forgetting your own problems and getting immersed in helping someone else.