Overcoming Infertility

I’ve had the privilege of treating many women who have had problems conceiving, and to see the joy that a successful outcome brings is just wonderful.  Years after treating some of them, a picture of their much loved child pops up on my Facebook feed (this is because they are sometimes friends of my friends) and it delights me all over again to know that I helped a little and to be reminded how amazing homeopathy can be.

Research indicates that about 30% of infertility problems relate to the male’s sperm and the rest relate to problems with the female egg quality, menstrual cycle or other issues.  I’ve only ever treated women for this problem so this ratio may well be true, and as all the women I’ve treated have been able to have a child after homeopathic treatment, my experience shows to me that it was the woman that needed healing, in these instances at least.  I’m sure there are other common factors such as stress or mineral and vitamin deficiencies that prevent a couple conceiving (and both of those are important issues) and any obvious medical issues such as PCOS, fibroids or poor sperm health should be treated constitutionally anyway, but some women have come to me with no apparent related health problem – just an inability to become pregnant.

One young woman said,

“All my fears are because I can’t have a baby.  What will that do for my relationship?  For 3 years now we have jumped through so many ghastly hoops and he’s giving up.  It scares me, what if we never do, would we survive that?”

Another one said,

“I can’t sleep properly; I just replay things in my mind every night, think about whether we’ll ever have a baby or whether we should adopt”. 

Someone else explained:

“Life without children isn’t worth anything to me; some people can have a career, work in an orphanage or something.  I couldn’t do that.  I am devastated by it.”

Another woman described how she coped:

“I keep busy all the time.  I visit every friend that has a baby.  I am always the first one to visit with a gift so they don’t feel uncomfortable around me but it’s hard to hide the pain and pretend it’s OK.”

Homeopathy is an extremely effective way of treating infertility.  Endometriosis and  polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), are among the most common problems I’ve treated that have prevented conception but whatever the problem, even if it’s not apparent I would start by choosing an individual remedy based on that person’s symptoms and experience.  By taking the correct homeopathic remedy our body will naturally heal and strengthen, our detoxification will increase, our hormones will re-balance and all of this gives an optimum chance of conception.  Sometimes I might see a need to detox a previously taken contraception hormone as well as, or before taking an individually chosen remedy.

Once becoming pregnant I offer a daily programme of homeopathic cell salts that will supply all the extra nutrition a mother and baby need. They have a proven record and unlike prenatal vitamins, have no side effects.

There is also a homeopathic protocol to support a woman through the IVF programme.  Homeopathy offers so much, whatever your situation and choice.  If you have any questions about whether it can help you do get in touch and have a chat.