Celiac Disease – Do You Want Cure or Management?

Five year old Amy had celiac disease and came to see me with her Mum who described the experience like this:

“She gets diarrhoea at least twice a day and sometimes at night, explosive, and windy when going to the toilet. It’s brown and it splatters, and she often gets sore. She’s had it since she was a baby, always had very explosive nappies, she had the worst colic as a baby, and screamed for 9 months. The smell is awful and it’s really messy.”

Amy had been breastfed for 6 months and was now allergic to dairy and eggs. She got tummy aches which only improved when she went to the toilet.

Amy also had a bunged up nose and was very chesty, having difficulty breathing at night. She also had meningitis when she was little and had to have double the amount of antibiotics as the doctors couldn’t tell which strain she had.

I decided to detox the antibiotics first as it was understandably after Amy got meningitis that all her problems became much worse. The detox made a huge improvement in her flatulence and tummy aches and stopped the diarrhoea in the night as well as improving it in the day. Her cough went as well, so I felt it was a really good start and as we were getting no more progress with the detox I gave Amy a stronger constitutional remedy.

Two months later a further improvement was seen. It was now 7 months since Amy’s first visit and she no longer has diarrhoea or tummy aches and the cough and chestiness have never emerged again since her second visit.

It’s now 2 years later and I have only seen Amy twice in the last year. None of her bowel symptoms have ever returned although she is more prone to diarrhoea than many children and has a very clean and nutritious diet.

Conventional medicine couldn’t offer this 5 year old this sort of help. Homeopathy should be more widely available to more children – sometimes it’s the difference between cure and management.

If you suffer from IBS or celiac disease get in touch with me on 07725 520476 to see how homeopathy can help you.