Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when pressure on a nerve in your wrist causes pain and numbness in your hands and fingers.  It can become aggravated when you use your arm or hand repetitively or for anything strenuous so doctors can advise splinting it, resting it, or as a last resort surgery.

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Healing Your Teeth

For most of my life I believed that healing tooth decay was impossible and that the only way to sort out our dental problems was to visit a dentist and expect a filling or extraction.  However, I’ve discovered that we can heal tooth decay and solve other dental problems, both through diet and supplements and by using homeopathy. Read More

Homeopathy and Headaches

Many things cause headaches but one of the most common is stress and tension.  According to doctors 85% of our headaches are blamed on this, so, to prevent reaching for painkillers, perhaps you could consider a homeopathic remedy.  They have no side effects and if matched to the symptoms properly, they work remarkably well.  These are a few of our most common remedies for headaches with a few of their indications (in alphabetical order only).  Whilst they will help with the pain, to get rid of chronic headaches you may need to have constitutional homeopathic care with a homeopath. Read More

Antimonium-tart – Our no. 1 remedy!

Ant-tart is an interesting remedy for a few reasons. First, it’s a remedy that we, as homeopaths usually only think of for coughs. Few of us have delved into the mental and emotional picture of this remedy, and as you may know, the closer we can match a remedy to our patients, the better it will work. Read More

How To Protect Yourself

The 2019 Corona virus is reported as being 96% identical to the 2002 SARS virus, although to date (26th February 2020) the death toll from one report was given as 2,600 out of 80,000 confirmed cases which has far exceeded the 2002 virus where 774 died out of the 8,098 people who were infected. Read More

Its For More Than Bruises….

Arnica is made from a little flower in the daisy family.  This is the remedy that most people discover, sometimes only as an ointment but it’s also wonderful taken as a remedy if you have had an injury, or in fact have any pain where you just feel bruised. It is our number one trauma remedy, but it is also so much more. Read More

Homeopathy Vs Mainstream Medicine

Mainstream (or allopathic) medicine is amazing and one benefit with homeopathy is that it can work alongside it.  I’ve treated people having chemotherapy, helped them as they were weaned off Heroin and worked alongside many other medications.  However, I think most of us would agree that we’d rather live without needing medication from our doctors so here’s a few reasons to consider homeopathy instead:

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Resist every virus – Improve your health – start today!

There are so many ways we could improve our health – giving up or cutting down on sugar (ouch!), drinking more water, doing more exercise (also ouch if you’re a couch potato like me!).  Cutting out processed food and including as much organic food in our diets comes pretty high in my list, as well as really trying to cut out the toxic overload we live with nowadays. Read More

How To Use Homeopathy Instead of Pain Killers

Pain – any sort of pain really can make life miserable.  Homeopaths treat pain in a completely different way to conventional doctors who, depending on the severity of the pain might suggest Paracetamol, or if it’s worse, Codeine, or even Morphine (and likely many other choices in between, I’m no mainstream medicine pain expert I’m grateful to admit.) Read More