Are You Finding Life Depressing Right Now?

As we’re now well into our second lockdown here in the UK and facing a very different Christmas I have recently talked to lots of people whose mental health has definitely been affected by all that is going on.

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Spotlight on Anxiety

I consider myself one of the least anxious people around, but drive me along a cliff edge or threaten me with a dental appointment and that changes completely.   Fortunately, the things that cause me anxiety can, for the most part be avoided or even eliminated from my life but I’ve spoken to so many people who feel that high level of anxiety doing what we might think of as every day activities, and as you can imagine, that is not only debilitating, but it sucks all the joy out of life.  The best description I had of experiencing this level of anxiety was from Simon, who described his experience: Read More

I’m on overload…..

Meet Sharon. She came to me just over a month ago, before this whole global situation kicked off. She was suffering from stress and anxiety and came looking for some relief. What is interesting is that now the world looks a whole lot scarier, yet she’s fine. First, some of the things she said at her initial consult: Read More

Finding Calm in the Chaos

If you suffer with chronic anxiety, you will benefit most from a course of treatment with a qualified homeopath, but you can self prescribe some remedies which will help a lot in situations which cause you anxiety. A while a ago I was able to help a friend who was playing the piano in a production and said that each time she did so, she was reduced to a trembling wreck, didn’t sleep the night before and felt absolutely paralysed with fear as the performance got nearer. I gave her a small packet of Gelsemium and she reported afterwards that it had helped enormously. She certainly played beautifully, but then she always did – just, at such a cost to herself. Read More

What A Difference 3 Months Can Make

Sarah came to see me 6 months ago suffering mainly with anxiety, but also nausea, headaches and hormonal problems. She’d been visiting doctors for years to try and get help and had given up hoping until a friend recommended she came to me. Just see the improvement she made within 3 months or so: Read More