Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when pressure on a nerve in your wrist causes pain and numbness in your hands and fingers.  It can become aggravated when you use your arm or hand repetitively or for anything strenuous so doctors can advise splinting it, resting it, or as a last resort surgery.

Holistically, there are things we can do to improve and cure this, I’ve had many patients make a full recovery using homeopathy alone, but diet, gentle exercise and massage with essential oils can also help, and when you’re suffering, it’s good to have a few options!

I’d suggest taking Vitamin B6 (100-300mg) twice daily plus a Vitamin B50 complex, and to reduce inflammation, I recommend using high potency fish oils, and a good turmeric supplement.  (When using supplements, I can’t stress enough that you use the best quality supplements you can find, and you rarely find these by popping into your local supermarket).

Massaging your hand right up to your shoulder with lavender, peppermint, marjoram, lemongrass, basil or wintergreen daily is also helpful.

Helpful is great – but curative is what we want, so, this is when I turn to homeopathy.

If I just look up ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ I get a list of just over 20 remedies to choose from.  These include fairly well known remedies such as Arnica, Bellis-perennis, Calc-carb, Calc-phos, Causticum, Rhus-tox and Ruta. To narrow that remedy choice down further I would need to take into account other symptoms you may be suffering with, or even just how you are experiencing the problems in your wrist and hand.  For example, if your symptoms were worse after a prolonged rest and you needed to wriggle your hand around to get any improvement I would think first of Rhus-tox, whereas if you just found any movement difficult I might turn to Ruta as a first choice.

Personally I’ve found most success using Causticum and Ruta, but it is worth checking those common remedies out and see if you feel any of them might suit your symptoms.  Id’ recommend 30C or 200C daily for a few days to see if it helps.  If you see improvement you might need to take a few more doses until there is a full recovery.  If there is no improvement do not continue with that remedy as it will be the wrong choice.

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