Can Homeopathy Help You Stop Smoking?

Apart from a rebellious puff or two when I was a teenager, thankfully I’ve never smoked. I have however supported quite a few people in giving up smoking with the help of homeopathy and so, decided to give you a few pointers in the hope it can help somebody out there.

First – giving up smoking isn’t easy, and although homeopathy can help you through the process it’s not magic and you still need all the common sense helps, willpower, good ideas and friends you can get to support you through.

Things which help:
  • Make a plan. Choose a date and go for it.
  • Acknowledge the most difficult times for you – for example if you always loved a cigarette after a meal, go and brush your teeth straight after a meal, have a drink of something which didn’t go with your smoking pleasures, or choose an alternative treat.
  • Reward yourself at every opportunity!
    Try and give up with a friend – and motivate each other.
  • Cravings last about 5 minutes. Have some 5 minute strategies to get you through.
  • Exercise more – this, I’m told helps the cravings.

So now to homeopathy. There are a few remedies which can help and support you through some of the difficult times. If you find a remedy which you notice is helpful you could repeat it up to 4 times a day. Alternatively, consider different ones in different circumstances:

Nux-vomica 30C, known as the ‘over indulgence’ remedy. This may especially suit you if you are ambitious or competitive, irritable or have digestive troubles.

If you feel some increased anxiety on stopping smoking Argentum- Nitricum 30C can really help calm you down. You might feel quite jittery, as though you are speeding up.

Ignatia 30C will help you when it all feels a bit overwhelming, especially if you need to do some deep breathing to calm down, or if you are feeling very sad for any reason. Also consider this if you are very sensitive to pain, smells, stress and need distracting from it.

If you feel a lot of nausea as you stop smoking Lobelia 6C can help that.

There is also a ‘stop smoking Narayani mix’ which some people have found very helpful as well as a homeopathic ‘quit smoking’ program which I’ve never used with anyone, choosing a more individual approach. However, if you’re going it alone, you may like to follow this. It consists of:

  1. Caladium 6x: once daily
  2. Calc phos 12x and Nat mur 6x: 2 tabs each dissolved in 4 ounces of hot water, twice daily for months until a change is realized.
  3. Avena Sativa tincture: 10 drops in water twice daily.

Once you are an x smoker Nicotinum (which of course is nicotine made into a homeopathic remedy) or Silica can both help clear your lungs. It’s best to do this step with the help of a qualified homeopath, but it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re assisting your body and speeding up the healing process. If you would like some help get in touch.

If you would like some help and support in giving up smoking get in touch with me: