Broken Bones & Homeopathy

Homeopathy really helps when you have a broken bone (fracture).  First – remember that rules that apply to constitutional homeopathy (that’s what you generally get from your homeopath aimed at a chronic problem) don’t apply  to first aid prescribing.  Just giving one dose and waiting a few weeks is completely inappropriate and will leave you very disappointed.  You need to repeat remedies frequently whether it’s a cold, a burn or a fracture – or any other problem requiring first aid treatment.  So-here’s a step by step self help plan for what to do when you have a broken bone:

With broken bones we generally start with Arnica because as well as being great for injuries it’s good for shock too.  Even if the person doesn’t appear to be in shock the body will be in shock so a dose of Arnica 200C will always help.  You can continue to repeat this as long as it helps, every 20 minutes or so if you see a need (for example if it helps the pain, but then the pain returns).

Another remedy to help with the pain when there’s been a fracture is Bryonia.  Bryonia is a great pain relieving remedy and it’s going to work best if the painful part is much worse if you move it even a tiny bit.  Give it frequently as long as it helps.

You can differentiate between Arnica and Bryonia because someone needing Arnica will say ‘I’ll be OK just don’t touch me’ and a Bryonia patient will not want to move the painful part – or any part at all. 

Once the bone has been set, if there is still a lot of pain think about Eupatorium-perf.  This is a great remedy for bone pain (also for those bone aching influenzas and even bone cancer).

There are then two remedies which work well together in speeding up the knitting together of the bones – but you MUST have the bone set into place before you begin taking these.  Symphytum 12C or 30C taken once daily together with Calc-phos 6x three times per day.

I’ve given many people this last combination of remedies to help heal the bone and I’ve had many comments that their doctors have been amazed at the speed at which they’ve healed.  I rather hope I never have to try it myself – but just in case you ever do I hope this helps.