Below are the details of 10 children that I’ve treated, either diagnosed or being diagnosed with autism.  They were all under the age of 10 at the start of their treatment and  their problems, treatment and outcomes follow:

1. Ben

Problems reported: sleep is very difficult, anxiety, eczema and other rashes, feels no pain so injuries (even a broken bone) have gone unnoticed.  Cannot cope with hunger or thirst at all.

As Ben’s mother recognised a reaction to a vaccine she chose to do CEASE therapy where we detoxed that vaccine alongside personal homeopathic treatment and supplements.

I treated Ben on and off for 2 years, did the CEASE detox which was very successful and also gave 4 different remedies during those 2 years.

Results reported: Sleep improved almost straight away and stayed good, anxiety much better, coping with hunger and thirst better.  Skin problems up and down – some improvement, doesn’t seem to be an issue with pain now so may have improved.

2. James

Problems reported: Big problems sleeping, social unawareness/loneliness, many fears of almost everything, tics and Tourettes type symptoms.

I treated James over 4 months, although have since treated other members of the family so know of his long term progress.  Over those for months I gave him 2 different remedies, both of which helped in different ways.

Results reported:  Sleep much, much better, tics and similar symptoms went very quickly, although reported that over the following years that they return at times of stress and they then repeat the remedy.  Fears hugely improved, on his second visit James reported that he wasn’t afraid of anything now!   Best of all was his comment: “After the first time I took the remedy I noticed that loads of my friends live around me, so I have lots of friends to play with now.  That makes me happy.  I’m not that lonely now”.

3. Sallie

Problems reported: Random rashes and very itchy skin, over sensitivities to food, perfumes, clothes etc. stomach issues, intolerance to certain foods, constipation, bladder weakness.

Over 2 years I gave Sallie 4 different remedies, each one helped her, and improvement was made within one week. 

Results: After 5 consultations during those 2 years Sallie’s constipation had not improved much and she was still oversensitive to tight clothes and labels but her skin was hugely improved, her bladder weakness totally gone and her food sensitivities were less, although she still felt this may still be an issue if she ate the wrong foods.

4. Ryan:

Problems reported: Developmentally delayed, non verbal at age 5, total aversion to being touched or looked at, sleeplessness, many fears, OCD or repetitive playing all day.

I treated Ryan over 4 years with the CEASE programme, detoxing the vaccines and drug remedies that he had symptoms from, supporting this with supplements.  I also gave 3 other individual remedies.

Results reported: After the first detox course of about 2 months Ryan began to speak a little and became very affectionate.  His improvement continued slowly over the 4 years and by the end of that time he was only slightly behind at school, still very affectionate although he didn’t make good and maintained eye contact unless he was coached.  His fears and his sleep were hugely improved and he played a variety of games, although they were all very linear (i.e. lining toys up and lecturing them).

5. Daniel

Problems reported: sleeplessness, constipation, obstinate, fearful and won’t eat varied foods.

I saw Daniel twice over 3 months and treated him with only one remedy.

Results reported: Sleep improved straight away and his obstinate streak is certainly less.  He still likes routine but I’d say he was now more wary than fearful.  Constipation is better but not totally sorted.  He is still very reserved about trying new food.  I didn’t see Daniel again.

6. Joseph

Problems reported: Bed wetting, intense anger, no eye contact, must have routine.

I saw Joseph 3 or 4 times and always treated him with the same remedy in different strengths.  I have kept in touch with his family and hear that he is still doing well over 10 years later.

Results reported after the 4 months:  Anger and bed wetting improved within a week.  Still needs routine but is happier and more relaxed all round.  Maybe eye contact is slightly improved, but he needs coaching.

7. Eddie

Problems reported: Anger, skin issues, many fears – especially noise and touch, can’t focus on anything, stomach issues.

I treated Eddie over 8 months with the CEASE detox of the vaccines which had affected him, alongside that I only gave one remedy as well as supplements.

Results reported by mother after 8 months: Very pleased with results, anger hugely better, focus much improved.  The edge has been taken from everything, I’d say for example his fears are now anxieties.  Decided to pause the detox programme and have a break (but to date Eddie hasn’t returned).

8. Ivor

Problems reported: Non verbal at times of stress – total shut down, self harming  – biting, banging head, anger, total aversion to being touched or looked at.

I saw Ivor twice over 3 months and treated him with just one remedy.

Results reported: Every single problem improved almost immediately, he was like a different child but after 2 months results started to fade.  I repeated the remedy in a stronger dose and was given the same report of improvement throughout which again, started to fade after a period of time and they decided not to return again.

9. Robbie

Problems reported: Developmental delay, huge anger issues, fears and total rigidity.

I treated Robbie over 2 years with 3 different remedies over that time.  Each one helped enormously.

Results reported: Robbie now functions totally normally, no real sign of autism until his anger is aroused and he loses it.  Much, much better.

10. Emma

Problems reported: Non verbal, stimming, not toilet trained (at age 6), seizures, frequent colds and infections.

I treated Emma over 2 years with a number of remedies, all seemed to help.  Mother chose not to do CEASE.

Results: Constipation improved but still a bit of an issue occasionally, anxiety hugely improved, toilet trained within 2 months of first remedy, seizures less often and less severe although not totally gone.  Stimming much less – only in times of real stress now.  Some improvement with speech (which wasn’t obviously a reaction to a remedy but may have been due to aging).


It is interesting that the same problems feature again and again, both with the above children, and many others I’ve treated. Problems such as sleeplessness, anger and stomach issues come up repeatedly. (I’d like to mention here that what parents report as ‘anger’ may well be a total panic in the child, rather than anger and what we may see as anger could be described as a meltdown, which is rather different and may help you understand why there often seems to be little remorse after one of these episodes).