When should I give him another dose?

Charlie is 3.  His asthma began at aged 12 weeks old and he’d needed to be put into a medically induces coma twice to help him deal with it.  He copes with his inhalers apart from that, but bad weather, animals and too much activity all made him worse.

But the worst thing, his mum went on to tell me was that he continually got colds and viruses, which not only made his asthma worse, but prevented him going out, stopped him attending nursery which he loved and doing all the things he enjoyed.  ‘My life is like a long cold’ he told me!

He was delightful, and very chatty, happily telling me about all the things he loved to do and about his family.  His family and extended family all loved him, he clearly was the centre of their world and he loved it.  He likes people to keep the rules and he told me he liked to play games with his family members, who were all happy to oblige – and to keep the rules!

I gave Charlie Phosphorous, a remedy which seemed to suit him very well and I didn’t hear from them again for ages.  Last week his mum called to say that in the few months since he’d seen me he’d made remarkable improvement, no colds and viruses at all since taking the remedy, which she felt was a record!  “My question is,” she asked, “when should I give him another dose?”

Think about that…… when do you think you would give another dose?  I advised her to wait – that remedy had clearly given Charlie’s body the correct signals and he was a lot healthier.  While he’s good and healthy he doesn’t need more.  If he comes down with another cold, or his asthma worsens I advised her to give him another dose before she needed to make another appointment and if it didn’t help as much next time (which I doubt will be the case) she could bring him back.

If you suffer with lots of colds or viruses – or asthma, give me a call to see how homeopathy could help you. 07725 520476

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