Antimonium-tart – Our no. 1 remedy!

Ant-tart is an interesting remedy for a few reasons. First, it’s a remedy that we, as homeopaths usually only think of for coughs. Few of us have delved into the mental and emotional picture of this remedy, and as you may know, the closer we can match a remedy to our patients, the better it will work.

Second, right now it appears to be the number one remedy to help with our current global problem, and no wonder if you look at the symptoms this remedy helps with.  

It is, as I said, an excellent remedy for coughs, but especially for the elderly and very young, when their chest sounds full of mucous but they are unable to expel it.  Often you can hear the mucous rattling, but very little will come up.  In our current epidemic, this symptom is common in everyone as the disease progresses.  The remedy has the sensation of ‘drowning in mucous’ and a fear of suffocation.  Sometimes, after violent coughing fits, a patient will vomit and bring up some mucous that way.  That does not mean we have to wait until our patient gets to that stage before we can prescribe this remedy, in fact, we’d rather not!  I have given it successfully recently for patients with chronic coughs caused by too much mucous, or what we may term ‘post nasal drip’.  I’ve also given it in acute situations and pneumonia where it worked very quickly.  Below is a link to a page from my materia-medica ebook summarising the remedy.


There is also a great sleepiness and weakness and ill humour!

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