Acne & Homeopathy

Acne is a very common skin condition, especially in teens and young adults. We get it when our hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil, causing blackheads, pimples and whiteheads.

The main causes of acne are:

  • Hormones (which is why it’s so common in teenage years but can be common straight after childbirth in baby or mother because of this)
  • Diet.  Improving your diet is the first thing to consider if you have acne, especially consider cutting out dairy, and then gluten.  Sugar is also a big cause.
  • Stress and emotions.

There are other things which can contribute, such as your genetics and your liver health, but whatever the cause, acne often leads to a low mood and low self esteem, and yet, it does not have to be part of your life. 

Looking at the causes of acne, we can see how cleansers and astringents, or even mild antibiotics are not the real answer, and although they may help the symptoms in the short term they will actually cause more long term problems.  Even the chemicals we put on our bodies to help dry our skin, strip away the natural oils which has potential side effects and does then encourages our body to create even more oil to compensate for it’s perceived lack it.

How can Homeopathy help you?

A homeopathic remedy will encourage your body to self-heal on all levels, so the correct remedy will rebalance your hormones, improve your liver function, or help your body deal with any emotional stresses you are struggling with.  As the remedy works, your health will improve on every level, including your skin and the acne will disappear.  An improvement in diet, if necessary will always help too and this can be discussed and supported alongside your homeopathic treatment. 

As there are thousands of remedies to choose from, during your consultation I will ask lots of questions to discover the remedy which best fits you.  One thing which is very helpful is finding out how the acne affects you.  Does it, for example make you angry and irritable or do you just feel like crying?  Are you happy covering it up and still going out, or do you just want to stay in so nobody sees you?  I will also look at any other health concerns you have, as the same remedy will help you in those concerns too.

The more common remedies which help are:


This can be helpful in cases of teenage onset acne, beginning with large blue-red pimples with yellow pussy heads and depressed centres and which leave scars. Symptoms are improved by cold weather and aggravated by anxiety, mental stress, and during summer heat.


This remedy is characterised by severe acne in those people with oily, dirty skin suffering from anxiety and constipation. Acne occurs predominantly on the face, back, and at the hairline. Symptoms are better in the open air and from cool bathing and worse from heat, bread and fatty foods.


This remedy is helpful if acne occurs after the excessive use of alcohol, food or stimulants, especially where the skin symptoms are associated with gastro complaints such as heartburn or constipation. Symptoms are aggravated by mental exertion or anger, cheese and fatty or spicy foods.


This remedy is especially helpful for adolescents who have hormonal problems. They may be thirstless and feel emotional. Symptoms are worse for heat, rich or fatty foods .


Someone benefiting from Sepia may develop acne during pregnancy or after the birth of their child, or they may suffer with menstrual problems. The acne usually appears on the face orthe chin. The condition is improved after menses and worse before menses and from breastfeeding.

A healthy diet and a homeopathic remedy to help your body heal itself is a healthy and effective way of eliminating acne very quickly.  Contact me to discuss how homeopathy can help you.