So – first a disclaimer – the beautiful woman in the photo is not me! I will put up before and after photos in 2 more weeks but the ‘before’ one, taken by my daughter is hideous and I’m hoping the ‘after’ is so much better I can cope with seeing them together!

I have been doing lots of exciting research into a homeopathic weight loss plan, I can’t tell you how many people have asked me over the years if a remedy existed to help them lose weight, and I was excited to find out that there really is, and this is a diet with a difference!

Now, I’ve never had any huge desire to go on a diet. Every time I get dressed I wish I was thinner of course – but I’ve never got so overweight that I’ve been motivated to do anything about it apart from resisting the odd pudding. However – I didn’t think I could offer this to anyone else without first-hand experience, so excited by all I discovered I decided to take the plunge myself and go on an actual diet! However – before I tell you about my first week on this diet I thought I’d explain what this program is, because it’s a little more than just taking a remedy and carrying on as before. It really does entail a diet – but it’s a diet with a big difference.

The Science:

There have been 3 types of fat discovered in our bodies. The first type which is absolutely essential for each of us however slim we want to be is the fat which cushions our organs. Our kidneys are bedded in this fat; it protects our heart and other organs, and even gives us a springy cushion in our feet to walk on.

Next we have our normal reserve of fuel which our body uses when we don’t eat enough to meet the demands we place on it. A normal reserve of this fat is essential too, and this reserve is spread all over our bodies for whenever we need to draw on it.

Both of these fats are entirely normal and necessary for healthy living, but there is a third type of fat which is completely unhealthy and abnormal. This type of fat is what an overweight person suffers from, this too is a reserve of fat, but unlike our normal reserves, this fat is not available to the body in a nutritional deficiency. It’s laid down and locked away. When we diet by eating less, first our normal reserve of fat is used up. In normal dieting that is it, it stops there, but during extreme circumstances, when that reserve is exhausted and the diet continues the body begins to burn up its structural fat, and only then when that is used up, as a last resort will these abnormal reserves of fat be yielded up.

This makes perfect sense to me because I’ve heard so many people complain about going on a diet and not losing the inches from the place they wanted to. Also, I really only carry extra weight on my tummy (OK a bit everywhere else too!!!), but we’re not all the same, and other people have other problem areas, and diet’s don’t seem to completely solve that problem. Then there’s the question of, why can some people eat practically anything and not put on weight, and others just smell a bit of chocolate and put on a pound? Being obese is pathology, and for our body to lay down the sort of fat we can’t then get rid of is a symptom, and with homeopathy, symptoms can be cured.

There are of course emotional issues around obesity, there’s genetics to consider too as well as exercise, and a lot, lot more science to all of this, but to keep it simple that’s basically it.

So – how can homeopathy help?

During this diet you will take a homeopathic remedy each day which will direct your body to take the fat from the unhealthy fat reserves. It’s still a diet, it still requires commitment and effort – but the results are amazing, it’s far healthier, enabling you to lose more weight faster, and the good news is, you won’t put the weight straight back on when you stop the diet because your body doesn’t think it needs to quickly lay back its reserve of healthy fat as that’s still in place. The diet only lasts 6 weeks, and you’re only really ‘dieting’ for 3 weeks, the other 3 weeks are maintaining and setting your new weight. So, armed with all that knowledge I decided to give it a go – and here are the results of my first week:

Day 1: 10 stone 13 ½ lb My weight fluctuates a bit and this is the highest point, because knowing I’d be starting this diet I had every treat possible in the few days leading up to it! We had been away for the weekend and I was therefore totally unprepared food wise in the house and had a very busy day so really struggled with just a bit of salad, an apple, and lots of water. I was very relieved at the end of the day to be able to go shopping and have a lovely chicken breast and big far more appealing salad with a homemade dressing for tea. I am wondering at this point if I can do this – today wasn’t fun!

Day 2: 10 stone 12 To be honest I would expect this sort of weight loss. I easily vary between 10.10 and 10.13 anyway. I feel much better today with proper planned meals. I had a very mild headache on and off all day, I imagine my body is in shock already from a lack of chocolate.

Day 3: 10 stone 11 I still feel very slightly headachy on and off. And strangely fancy some potatoes or rice more than sugar. I was advised to not make this all about food – but planning my next meal within the plan is always there in the back of my mind!

Day 4: 10 stone 9 ½ Well, only by a tiny bit, but this is possibly the least I’ve weighed in years so that’s a little more satisfying. It is much better with proper planned meals – my headachy feeling has gone, and feeling so positive about it all, and suddenly being child free for an evening, we decided we would go out for a meal! I had a delicious creamy sauce on my chicken (which was not in the plan!) and double vegetables instead of potatoes. It was wonderful, I felt absolutely stuffed, but I did wonder if I would regret it in the morning when I weighed in.

Day 5: 10 stone 9 Only a tiny loss, a bit of a relief to see I hadn’t gained really. Feel motivated to do the plan properly today! I enjoyed my meals, and I seem to have been able to replace my daily large bar of chocolate with strawberries and enjoy them a lot more than I thought I would. I’m sure I have more energy already and feel great that my stomach is so much flatter.

Day 6: 10 stone 7 ¼…. Feel very motivated by this weight, especially as yesterday was no struggle at all. I just got on with my day as normal – didn’t feel I was on any sort of diet except thinking I could do with a bit of chocolate after lunch.

Day 7: 10 stone 6…. A busy day yesterday, being on the diet was again all very easy. Energy is definitely better than a week ago, and I definitely do notice the difference so – motivated to do another week!

Week 2: At the end of week 2 I weigh 10 stone 2 – but I must admit I broke a few rules last week – I had a Sunday roast dinner…. and didn’t lose any weight that day! And another day someone bought me some of my favourite chocolate – and it would have been rude not to eat some, but I did keep it to a little bit (and the rest is waiting!) My daughter also bought some absolutely divine spelt bread from an organic farm and I decided a slice of that with butter would be a good substitute for the allowed carbs and fat – so yes, I fell off the wagon a few times, but that said, I’m still quite pleased with my weight loss. My goal was to get under 10 stone and with one week to go that’s obviously within reach. I honestly feel loads better in myself and about my body. However – 10 stone is not looking as slim as I thought it might, so I really need to make an effort to make the most of the next 7 days.

Week 3: I reached my target after 3 days – and as we were going away for the weekend I decided to stop there – so just under 10 stone and feeling very proud of myself! Now just to maintain this for the next 3 weeks to set my ‘new normal body weight’.

Looking back over the 3 weeks – at times it was tough – but so, so worth it. A lot of the problems were just getting out of bad habits – munching just for pleasure, certainly not out of hunger, being the worst one. Not only do I feel better at this weight, but I definitely have more energy and more confidence.

Here are the before and after pictures – taken 3 weeks apart.

If you would like to find out more about this weight loss plan, contact me on 07725 520476.  I can help you not only lose the weight you need to lose, but keep it off too!