Children respond wonderfully to homeopathic remedies which are safe to use, even for newborn babies. In fact, treating my newborn daughter with homeopathy is what finally converted my husband. She had thrush in her mouth from birth and he refused to let me treat it, instead relying on conventional medicine. Though the large white patch on her tongue had never appeared to bother her, three weeks later it was no better and so he finally agreed I could have a go! Within hours it was gone gently and naturally, and as a ‘side effect’ she also was suddenly happy to be put down to sleep and didn’t have to always be rocked to sleep and gently placed down, showing my skeptical husband that homeopathy works, not on the physical symptom but also on a much deeper level.

Most of the most common childhood illnesses can be quickly and effectively treated. I have treated cases such as chronic constipation (which was eased within a few hours to the distraught parents delight), bedwetting and night terrors as well as far more serious conditions such as autism and even cerebral palsy (Read the story).

What happens?
Bring your child with you, even though he or she may be too young to talk to me, or even want to sleep through the whole thing! We will talk about all aspects of their illness and behaviour and from that I will choose the most suitable remedy to help them. Children’s consultations can take up to an hour, but I have toys for younger children to play with and most children thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Ongoing homeopathic treatment of a child not only improves their health but gives them a strong immune system and vitality. Contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see how homeopathy can help your child. For first aid situations you can be your child’s homeopath. See my ebooklet to find out how to help your child with problems such as teething, fevers, accidents and common childhood illnesses such as chickenpox.