I am a qualified CEASE therapist. CEASE stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression and it is a step by step detox program using homeopathic remedies and supplements to remove the autistic pathology. You can read more about CEASE Therapy here:

Tinus Smits – Cease Therapy

What Causes Autism?

There doesn’t seem to be one answer to this – but hundreds, maybe thousands of opinions are to be found out there!  All I know for sure that in this toxic world there are more children on the spectrum than ever before, so I’m sure toxins (including vaccines) play a part in the pathology that goes hand in hand with autism.

Having many loved ones on the ASD spectrum I am also convinced that, despite the problems they experience, such as an over-sensitivity to many things, their special brains are needed in today’s world and that there is definitely a ‘healthy’ autistic brain which is impressive and a great asset to society.  By doing this detox, the pathology involved melts away, leaving a healthier version of themselves.

Being a spectrum, the symptoms range in each child, from being non-verbal to it’s opposite, and an over-sensitivity to many things to an unawareness of almost everything.  So many other symptoms may or may not be present, making this a very complex and time consuming condition for doctors to diagnose but this homeopathic detox brings a balance and reduces their problems significantly.  I have seen many children start talking, stop having tantrums, begin to sleep better and make better relationships after a very short time, as well as seeing their physical problems such as digestive symptoms improve.

Typically this detox takes a few months but the results are phenomenal.  I commonly use it with children on the spectrum, but as you can perhaps imagine, you can use this method to detox any substance from our bodies that is causing a problem (mercury fillings for example).

Please call me on 07725 520476 if you would like to discuss how we can work together to heal your child.  As well as giving remedies to persuade their bodies to expel the toxins I will guide you through the process with supplements to support the detox.

“There’s been a huge improvement in her speech. We now have b, p and m sounds – I’ve waited 8 years for that and within one month it’s all happening!  She’s trying to say more.  It’s nice to see her trying, she shakes her head for no now too”.