Abbie Tells How Homeopathy Helped Her After 8 Years of Chronic Fatigue


“When I was a child was diagnosed with ADHD, I had so much energy. But now I’m just knackered. Everything I do is hard – even going shopping is too much for me and I have no social life. Doctors don’t know how to help me. My daughter is almost 8 and I’ve been like this for most of her life”.

I asked Abbie how this affected her:

“I’m so drained. I feel sick most of the time, although I’m only actually sick a couple of times a week. My eyes hurt, they are tired, stinging, my legs hurt, they are tired – every part of me is drained and exhausted”.

“I get so stressed about drumming up business, doing tax returns, paying for everything, then there’s the kids, they are always on the go. My head is whirling all the time and I don’t have the strength to deal with it all. My muscles seem to move all night, making me sweat even when I’m asleep. I wake up exhausted! It’s much worse when I push myself – diarrhoea is worse, stomach cramps are worse and night sweats are worse”.

I asked Abbie why she pushed herself.

“I want to achieve everything I need to do in a day, I can’t let people down. I like to be needed, even though the thought of it makes me want to run for the hills”.

What impact has this had on your life?

“I miss going to the gym because I can control the shape of my body that way and that makes me feel better”.

So, here’s a lady who really pushes herself. That, along with her physical symptoms enabled me to choose a remedy for her. When she returned a couple of months later she felt better in herself, less tired, more hopeful, but the physical symptoms hadn’t improved much. I’d already given her quite a strong dose of the remedy I’d chosen so I decided to change it for a different remedy. Abbie was dubious, she wanted to take some more of the original remedy I’d chosen as a backup as well – just in case!

“Even if nothing else improved I feel I have my life back now” she said, “so if this second remedy messes it up I’m going back to the first one!”

I didn’t see Abbie again for many months, but when she returned she told me that the second remedy was a brilliant. Every symptom was either improved or gone completely.

“Each time I take the remedy I improve a bit more she said”.

Her tummy was still “weak” she reported – but diarrhoea was now about once every week or so rather than 3 or 4 times a day. She felt that every other symptom was none existent.

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