A Journey From Ill Health to ‘Powerful and Happy’

Last year Lucy came to see me suffering mainly with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

She told me that she’d been depressed since being a teenager but it was finally diagnosed when she had a baby and had bad post natal depression over 10 years ago.  Medications helped a bit but she became more anxious and started suffering with panic attacks.

Lucy struggled through the following years on and off anti depressants, and coping with a still birth, a difficult relationship which finally ended, and another baby. She explained:

“I just want to feel happy. Everything is such a struggle”.
“People think I’m better but I don’t feel better”.
“I wake up and there’s a big pressure in my head, and it’s like I’ve always got my guard up”.
“I’ve forgotten what happiness feels like”.

As well as trying to cope with the depression and anxiety Lucy was now experiencing many hormonal problems as well as chronic fatigue, headaches, psoriasis, nausea and restless legs. She had taught herself many coping mechanisms which helped her through the anxiety but her self confidence was low and her mood was very low.

“I’ve had visions of hurting myself, if I’m near a knife I wonder if I will actually do it.”

Lucy loved and worked with children and being with her own children was one of the only things that lifted her spirits although she found it hard to accept their love, and was understandably fearful of losing them. She told me that she still felt so much grief over her lost baby although it was now easier than it was.

“I hate compliments, and I don’t like anyone touching or kissing me, even my own children.”

Lucy just wanted to feel safe, emotionally and physically. She retreated to her bedroom whenever she could as that was her safe place, she frequently googled her symptoms to reassure herself that she was going to be OK and she was anxious about her children’s health and safety as well.

I prescribed Calc-carb, I’ve found it to be one of the excellent remedies for anxiety and Lucy showed the need to be kept safe and protected at all costs so I felt it fitted her well.

Six weeks later Lucy returned. Her anxiety, she told me was about 80% better and her sleep was much better too.

“I’m still in a very dark place though,” she said, and still so tired with no motivation.”

On further investigation I found out that Lucy was still having suicidal thoughts although she always managed to dismiss them, her PMT was still awful and she was constantly exhausted, without even ‘the energy to smile.’

This time I gave Lucy a remedy called Sepia and a few weeks later she reported that her low moods were 60-70% better and all the hormonal problems were improved.

“I’m plodding along with my head up now, not down, but I’m still not smiling”.
Over the next few months Lucy had a few other remedies with little improvements here and there and an overall general improvement. The fatigue and depression lingered a bit, although a fraction of what it was originally. Lucy changed her job, moved and felt she coped very well with it all.

Lucy last visited me a couple of weeks ago, and I was delighted to see her progress,

“I feel powerful, happy, and connected with my children”.

Her chronic fatigue was much better and she’d lost weight. Her hormone problems had more or less disappeared and she felt that her mood was now about 7/10 and her anxiety only 2/10.

Lucy is a wonderful example of the success to be had when you stick with it and not expect one remedy to fix everything immediately – sometimes that does happen of course, but that miracle remedy is not always to be found straight away. I have loved getting to know Lucy and so grateful to have been a part of her journey from ill health to “powerful and happy.”
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