A Homeopathic Study of Ozone

Over 11 years ago my grandson, Seth was diagnosed with a huge liver tumour.  He was rushed to Bristol Hospital and for a while we believed there was no hope for him.  The hospital devised a treatment plan for him and alongside that he was treated by the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital and given Ozone as a homeopathic remedy.  We believed it saved his life, and from the day after he had the remedy he started to pick up, and even his oncologists acknowledged the difference it made.  I’ve learned a lot about the remedy since then, and thinking of the state Seth was in then and studying the remedy in great depth , I can see how so much of it fitted him at that time.  Our gratitude goes to Dr. Liz Thompson, the homeopathic doctor who was skilled enough to find the remedy which helped him so much.


Ozone is a colourless gas, which is blue when it is liquefied.  Most of us know Ozone as the layer about 20-50 kilometres above the earth’s surface protecting us from harmful solar radiation.  Destruction of this ozone layer is, we are told resulting in increased incidences of skin cancer, and it contributes to the greenhouse effect, a global warming trend caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide.  Ozone is also produced by pollution on the earth causing breathing disorders and damage to crops.  The oldest use of ozone is as a water purifier because of its outstanding capacity to kill bacteria, nowadays it is used to bleach all kinds of products.

Periodic Table

Ozone (O3) is a compound of nothing but Oxygen and Oxygen is found on row 2, column 16.

We might give row 2 the theme of Separation – they know they exist, but can they exist alone?  By column 16, the separation is almost complete, but there is not much ego present, in fact Jayesh Shah says of Ozone, “you will see that she has nothing to lose in life as she possesses hardly anything at all.”

By the time we are on the right hand side of the periodic table we see a rejection of structure and a desire to exert one’s own ideas.  This is a well known theme of Nitrogen, and Oxygen is just to the right of Nitrogen so the feeling may be even stronger.

In the remedy ozone, there is a great feeling or sensation of being in need, they can be very demanding people, they have very little security and the slightest stress will put them off balance.  They can appear selfish and lazy, wanting more than is necessary and have very few inner resources to become independent.


Ozone was proved in 1995 by Anna Schadde with 55 provers.  The following themes came through very strongly in the proving: 

Truth & Transparency.  Jeremy Sherr said of Ozone, “Ozone has the role of protecting us from too much light so in analogy it protects us from too much truth.  In the same way we cannot know the whole truth.  This remedy is about telling the truth, knowing the truth, and knowing it at the right time.  Ozone is the black layer that protects us knowing too much truth.  That lack of a protective layer allows things to come in too much, pollution, ultra violet etc.”

‘I experience great, eternal truths, depth; feel truth physically’

‘Feeling of having to be direct, to tell everyone the truth’

‘Argument with mother. He told her the truth, not what she wanted to hear…It burst forth out of him, the total confrontation’

‘I have the impression of wandering around as if under a glass dome’

‘House made of glass, crystal, marble, everything is cool, lifeless, almost threatening.’

‘Of a house which has nothing but glass walls inside.’

Black & White

‘Guilty conscience on slaughtering a ram. “I have a pitch-black conscience that I´m having the animal slaughtered.’

‘Feels attracted to the colour black. I imagine that the countryside is covered by a black, soft, warm layer of snow. Feel connected to the dark forces, with the culprits. At the same time there is an incredible feeling of superiority towards everyone striving for purity, light, love.’

‘I am standing in the bathtub and showering. The shower attachment  falls into the tub and makes a large black patch in the enamel. This happens repeatedly until the nice smooth white surface is covered with lots of ugly black lesions.’

Separation.  There is the feeling that they are not participating, as though there is a layer between them and the world – a sense of isolation, being cut off.  Jonathan Hardy writes about ozone, “Ozone appears to be an important remedy for teenagers. A number of my teenage cases of this remedy talk about being “zoned out” or “in the zone.”

‘Feeling as if made up of two body halves which don´t belong together properly. Left is wider and blurred, right tight and clear structure.’

‘Feeling in a crowd as if beneath a glass dome, separated from others’

‘Feel a distance between myself and others; tearful mood’

‘As if I were surrounded by a layer’

‘Vision as if looking through a white curtain’

‘Don’t feel like getting involved in conversations, i just stand by’

‘I feel as if I am separated from myself’’

Dirt.  In the dreams we see dirt where there should be cleanliness.

 ‘A 20 year old man called Patrick who is a doctor and psychologist, is sitting on a bed with me and stroking my back (without erotic intention). He then falls asleep. I am ashamed because of the incredibly dirty bed linen.’

‘Of dirty water, sea with wild big waves, but it is black almost like fluid tar. Someone says: you should see how wild the ocean is without tar.’

‘I’m on a fairly steep slope with shabby huts, which have wardrobes and toilettes in them. I search for the women’s toilet. Everything is dirty and untidy.’

‘Of a big hall full of toilets.  I pull a hair which is two meters long out a scoop of ice cream. Repulsion in doing so.’

‘Toilet dream: a man soils the women’s loo. He can go to the school out of a sense of duty despite not feeling well, then it was urgent and went amiss. I also sat inside and the door kept on opening whilst I am sitting there.’

‘White luxury car is washed with mud’

‘It’s too expensive to get to the light and cheaper to have the dirt’

‘A lot of VIPs in an old house. I apologize for the sloppy and dirty house with black rim around the bathtub.’

‘In a totally dusty attic. One woman didn´t want anything to be changed, one hit against pieces of material and loads of dirt fell onto the floor – I hoovered it all away and thought it was good.’

‘In a boy scouts hostel I walk into a room in which a couple are making love in a dirty bed.’

Up & Down/ High & Low.  On the circle we would plot Ozone on the air/fire axis.  There is fear of the dark, and suicidal thoughts, as well as violent anger with aggressive outbursts. We also have the fact that ozone should be in the heavens but because of pollution is coming down to earth.  Let’s look at some proving quotes:

‘On a mountain with no proper path. The whole slope is of sand, we can’t continue.  Whilst climbing suddenly alone, no path, I hung on the mountain, there was no going forward or backward, I didn´t panic.’

 ‘Dream of a journey. I´m standing on plateau of a mountain and am frightened that I will fall over the low railings and plummet.’

‘We are in a rubber dinghy and going up a wild mountain stream.’

‘People are walking across lake, ice. I think: they’re going to sink at any moment. Chapel by the lake with underground vaults, heretics are hiding there, a secret place, it was a sacred place. I showed a woman how to meditate here.’  Explanation: Heretics: people who were persecuted in earlier times.  Sacred place: light place, where heaven is closer to earth; like mountaintop.

‘Descent on snowboard with good snow and a exalted feeling – then suddenly grass, stones.’ (Feeling: doesn´t matter if the snowboard is scratched now or not).

‘Climbed with two small children on to a really steep mountain. I had to protect them so that they wouldn’t fall down. It became steeper and more dangerous. There was only the possibility of tightrope-walking on top. I got into a panic as to how to descend again until I had the idea to simply slide down. We got down safely.’

In Practice

We see someone very sensitive to temperature changes and to the amount of stress he can handle.  They are often very easy going but may be unstable under pressure.  Exhaustion is common, difficulty to focus is a common symptom too and they sometimes have the sensation of a terrific heaviness ‘as if from a lead apron’.  It’s not a sensation that they are heavy, but that something is weighing them down.

There is often an emotional deadness, similar to Anacardium where they feel cut off emotionally.  There can be malicious behaviour with no guilt or remorse and I have noticed in all my ‘Ozone cases’ that they mention telling me the truth, even if it’s something as simple as the phrase, “well, to tell you the truth….”


Jeremy Sherr sums up the summary of this remedy beautifully.  He uses ‘The Verb’ of remedies to give us their inner sensation.  This is what he says about Ozone, the remedy:

“We see an up and down direction with an inability to go up.  As you climb higher on the mountain of life and the mountain of truth it becomes more and more difficult.  If you want to live in the safety of the dirty world, happy with the cover up and lies there’s no danger there.  As you understand the truth it becomes more and more dangerous until it’s difficult to exist in such a difficult world.  If you want to slide down into the world of lies and dirt, you just slide down, it’s easy.  You can be comfortable but you won’t get the light.

The verb is must climb up, easy to fall down, easy to climb up, hard to fall down.  We have the mountain top, light, sacred – not everyone can go there.  The sensation is being near to direct light and truth is dangerous.  The function: must go down and protect myself in safety of curved soft black consciousness and guilt.

After the remedy

Obviously, as with all homeopathic prescribing we want to see an improvement in their physical symptoms and emotional wellbeing.  This is all individual and after doing well on this remedy once or twice, as with other remedies, we may then need to change it.  These are some things that have been said after a patient has taken Ozone as a remedy, without knowing what it was:

“I feel very solid and grounded now, last year I was neither here nor there”

“I can now see the sky for the trees, everything isn’t weighing me down anymore” (and yes, I realise that’s an incorrect saying, but that makes it all the more interesting).

“I’m starting to realise it’s not as black and white as I thought…..”

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