A Great End To My Year!

The mother of a young girl I treated a few months ago came to me for help with her own symptoms yesterday.  She told me that her daughter is a changed girl since her treatment so I looked over her case from 8 months ago to see the progress:

Amy was 12 and came to me with ‘depression’.  Her mum felt it came on immediately after her first HPV vaccine although at around the same time she’d had a negative experience with a social media app so Amy felt that both things had contributed.

As well as this sadness, which Amy said ‘came and went randomly’ she also suffered with eczema and a lot of headaches which were now worse.

Amy was delightful, she talked easily about her dreams, her favourite foods, pastimes, fears, things she hated or found difficult.  She was a great student and loved school, and was surrounded by a loving family, whom she loved and appreciated.

“So, why,” she asked me, “Do I feel so horrible all the time?  I can be doing nice things and feeling good and all of a sudden this horrible feeling comes and it just stays there.  Nothing helps me feel better until all of a sudden I wake up one day and feel like myself again.” 

She felt ashamed of her feelings because she could see no reason for them and felt like she had no control over them and that she shouldn’t have them.

Emma’s mum said she could tell when Amy felt like this, because she went from her normal animated self to being very introverted and not wanting to get involved in anything.

I prescribed Amy a remedy called Calcarea-carbonica which fitted her well and her mum’s recent report was this:

  • I don’t think she ever had another depressive episode after the remedy
  • All of her eczema has gone and never returned
  • I think she’s only had about 1 or 2 headaches since we saw you at the beginning of the year

I’m thrilled with that outcome. If you feel that homeopathy could help you or your child, get in touch to have a chat.