A Day in the Life of a Homeopath

Today I had three patients which gave me a bit of time to potter around and get ready for the weekend as I work from home. First I met a little boy who is badly vaccine damaged and diagnosed with autism. There is a special homeopathic protocol called CEASE therapy to treat vaccine damaged individuals which, if given the right information a homeopath can totally remove the toxins from your body. CEASE therapy stands for ‘Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression’ – note the word ‘complete’ – this is a remarkably effective treatment, you can read about it here: http://www.cease-therapy.com/ .

The little lad I saw is aged 7, and has no language at all, no control over his bladder or bowels but is quite sweet and affectionate, though noisy, with quite a bit of screeching. Sleep is also a big problem for him, and so for his whole family. I really wanted to do my best for this little boy, so spent quite a while after the appointment checking I had got the very best remedies for him as well as some good supplements to aid the detox. Detoxing isn’t fun as you’ll know if you’ve ever done any sort of detox, or even gone on a strict diet. The homeopathic remedies prescribed give your body a message to expel the poisons which need to come out. Commonly you could get diarrhoea or sweat them out, but if you don’t give the body any support you might get symptoms such as headaches or rashes which we want to prevent. Sleep is also very important because it’s whilst you’re sleeping that your body can detox best, so we need to improve sleep, and I always find parents really appreciate that improvement!

For this little boy I decided to supplement his detox with fat soluble Vitamin C and Omega 3 oils and recommended Epsom salt baths which also help a detox, and it’s often something children like a bit more than supplements. I’m really looking forward to hearing how he gets on; I’ve always seen wonderful improvements following this protocol.

My next patient was a follow up, someone I treated a few months ago with a very high level of protein in his urine. Tests showed that he was doing brilliantly, much less blood in his urine now and he was feeling better in himself too – always an important indicator to us homeopaths. That was nice and easy and made me feel great. He’d done so well he now needed some more of the same remedy and some guidance on how often to take it. It’s something I love about my job, seeing people’s health improve, and seeing their amazement that something so apparently simple does so much. I often feel on cloud nine when someone returns with such delight at the improvement they’ve experienced and want to shout to the world how great homeopathy is. Occasionally I do get the opposite where someone comes back and feels I haven’t helped at all. Knowing how much I hated that feeling, very early on in my practise I arranged that each patient touched base with me after a couple of weeks to update me on their progress. If nothing had happened, and thankfully, that wasn’t too often, I could do something about it then and send another remedy straight out.

After a couple of hours doing some paperwork and catching up with housework I saw my last patient of the day, a lady who has been suffering with sciatica for quite a while and all conventional treatments (and a few unconventional ones too) haven’t helped. She was lovely and I feel I’ve found a really good remedy to help – but the fact that no other treatment has helped at all shows me it’s going to be a bit tricky, so time will tell! One of my very first patients while I was still training had sciatica and I was able to help her a lot and I’ve since had quite a few other successes with it too – so I’m curious to see how this goes.

So, what do I love most about my work? The people I meet definitely, and being able to help them is just brilliant. I love working from home which means if I don’t have a busy day I can do stuff or relax and not stress that I’m not ‘working’. What do I like least? I guess that would be the marketing, my problem is that if my treatment works brilliantly, my patient is better and doesn’t need to come back for ages – and if by chance it doesn’t work well, they think homeopathy is rubbish and so don’t want to return – obviously! So, if homeopathy has worked for you, spread the word – one of my greatest wishes is that people’s eyes are opened to just how much natural medicine can do for us.